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Sarah Margaret Gibson's still life painting demonstration

Highlights from the 2nd Annual Realism Live

Enjoy highlights from realism painting presentations and discussions from Daniel Sprick, Adrienne Stein, Quang Ho, Jacob Collins, Sharon Sprung, Graydon Parrish, and many more.
Contemporary realism figurative art

Blurring the Line of Realism and Abstraction

Sharon Sprung on painting portraits and figures: "I seek a dialog between the two, to explore and provoke a more cohesive emotional experience."
Portrait painting of Representative Patsy Mink

New Portrait Painting Unveiled at U.S. Capitol

Discover which contemporary realism artist was selected to paint a portrait of Representative Patsy Mink. "To create her portrait, I first ... "
Contemporary Realism Paintings

Create Better Realistic Paintings

Invest just three days in your art at Realism Live, and experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of your realistic paintings.

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