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Plein Air Live panel

From On Location to Studio: Plein Air Live is for Everyone

Last week many of us gathered online for the opportunity to learn from 30 of today's top landscape painters during the 4th Annual Plein Air Live. Some were dedicated outdoor painters who would finish an impressionistic work on location, and others were keen to use the art of painting outside to create color studies that would later be used ...
art studio tour - Daniel Sprick contemporary realism 12-07-20

Inside the Art Studio of Daniel Sprick

Contemporary artist Daniel Sprick takes us on an intimate tour of his beautiful art studio in this exclusive video from Streamline Publishing. Watch as Daniel discusses natural lighting, the amount of space you need (it's probably less than you think), one of the "luxuries of getting older," and more. 
Contemporary realism still life painting

Sneak Peek at a Studio Incamminati Still Life

Currently, before going to its new home, the piece is on display in ...
The interior of Michael Coleman's studio space

Art Studio Tour with Michael Coleman

Part studio, part museum, Michael Coleman has a collection of beloved and rare artifacts that inspire his paintings. Here, he takes on a private studio tour.
How to Create the Perfect Art Studio

How to Create the Perfect Art Studio

What do you need to build the perfect studio? William A. Schneider (who is on the faculty of Pastel Live), gives us a tour of his incredible, custom-built space.
Painting flowers - free demo

Watch: How to Paint Flowers in the Studio

If you love painting flowers and want to improve your still life art, don’t miss this broadcast with the amazing Kathy Anderson.
How to paint and draw - Artist Events - RealismToday.com

A Letter to Studio Artists

As it turns out, this method is an important tool for the training of all artists in all subject matters.
Art studio lighting how-to - Todd Casey - RealismToday.com

Art Studio Lighting Basics

Learn the best way to light your art studio for painting, including choosing the best wall color, and more.
Art Societies

From Studio Solitude to Professional Movement — The Importance of Art Societies

One of the most difficult aspects of being an artist is the hours of solitude. Here’s one way to socialize, network, and ultimately help your art career.
Modern Renaissance Painter Nanci France-Vaz, www.nancifrancevaz.com.

In the Creative Zone – What’s Your Pre-Painting Routine?

Fellow artists share how they get into the creative zone. Having the mind of an artist means that even when you're not actively making art, you're probably ...

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