Between Dreams and Fulfillment

“It is a wonderful medium, as vibrant as it is immediate in its realization.” Read more about the inspirational pastel painting ...

Painting Still Life: All About Intent

"As with life and art in general, an approach filled with intent is at the heart of still life painting."

Not an Ungraceful Bone in Her Body

William Schneider reflects on painting an art model for a portrait that was awarded “Best Painting by a Signature or Master Member” in ...

Still Life Inspiration with Stephanie Birdsall

Still life painting gives you an opportunity to learn, and time to observe, study, and explore ...

Aaron Westerberg on Visual Recognition

Being able to impart your emotions into a painting is important in your work. Here's why, and how to pull it off.

Step by Step Portrait Painting Tutorial: Selfhood

Realism Today Ambassador Jessica Oliveras takes us through the steps of her portrait painting, "Selfhood."

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