Oil Painting Lesson: 10 Ways to Avoid Muddy Color

Avoid these bad painting habits and learn how to keep your colors clean and fresh.

9 Inspiring Artist Self-Portraits

What makes the self-portraits of professional artists much better than a phone selfie? The answer is that ...

Painting of the Week: Special Period by Cesar Santos

The paintings and drawings of Cesar Santos appear simultaneously familiar, evoking the aesthetics of the Old Masters, and unrecognizable, comprised of intangible forms that appear to shift and coalesce throughout each composition.

A Symbolic Representation of Duality

When a portrait is painted well, it is sometimes difficult to see beyond the surface beauty. In the case of ...

The Peasants: A New Hand-Painted Film Inspired by Nobel Prize-Winning Novel

”The Peasants” comes to life by hand painting and presents a wide repertoire of realist and pre-impressionist paintings. To accomplish the work ...

Painting Bliss and the Contemporary Realism Movement

We may be using techniques rooted in the past, but we’re blazing a modern-day trail. Here's how.

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