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Artistic inspiration

Painting Art: A Love Letter to the Quattrocento

Filled with spirit, Katie Whipple shares her journey to Rome. “I was going to live in Italy, make master copies, study Italian history, and eat a lot of gelato. I had a plan . . . but in the first couple days of being in the Eternal City, I could see my carefully thought-out plans gracefully drifting down the Tiber.”
Art creativity - Oil painting - ArtistsOnArt.com

Visionary Work: 7 Ways to Develop Creativity

You have all become familiar with the necessity to set yourself apart, to bring something new, to find a way to make it yours as you develop your artistic voice. Be careful: If we set out with the intention of doing something different for the sake of standing out, this can easily set us down the wrong path.
Halloween costume ideas for artists

8 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Artists

We couldn’t resist putting together a list of some of the most brilliant Halloween costumes for artists and art-lovers. Bonus: Get some artistic jack-o’-lantern ideas here too!
Art inspiration - Jean Pederson mixed media - ArtistsOnArt.com

Can Music Inspire Your Paintings?

Consider how listening to music while you create art can affect the outcome of your work.
Artist Residency - ArtistsOnArt.com

A Place of Creativity and Solitude

Picture a late spring evening in France, at a chateau owned by someone with a mission to create an atmosphere that reflects inspiration, inside and out. Vikki Fuller, an artist from British Columbia, found herself at one such place, which she tells us about in this captivating tale of an artist residency.

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