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Photorealism still life art

A Photorealism Pastel: Golden Delicious

If photorealism is evolving to reflect the visual experience of our digitized times, then the paintings of Sangita Phadke are a poster for the kind of clarity, definition, and detail that are possible.
Fine art mixed media portraits

Imperfect, Incomplete, and Impermanent

"I am fascinated by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi; it is the view centered on the acceptance of transience and the imperfect," says Daniel Segrove. "This idea—to understand and find beauty in the imperfect, incomplete, and impermanent—is what helped shaped the artistic voice I have today."
Contemporary realism still life oil paintings

More Than Just Collector’s Items

Straightforward compositions showcasing familiar yet useless objects bring the themes of the fleeting nature of life, the warnings of our vanity and the inevitably of obsolescence.
Photorealism still life and portrait paintings

Flowers and Faces: Photorealistic Still Life Portraits

Inspired by the women in her life, Narelle Zeller is creating a series titled "In Bloom," which is also a collaboration with a talented florist who creates custom pieces for the portrait paintings. Discover Zeller's process in this exclusive article.
contemporary realism portrait paintings

Extremely Motivated: Representational Artist Melissa Cooper

Studying illustration led Melissa Cooper to discover her real love: painting and drawing in the realist tradition. "I can be a little bit of a perfectionist," she says, "so the academic and traditional style of painting really resonates with me."
Realism Live painting portraits for beginners Victoria Herrara

Master Artists Gather to Teach for Realism Live

Enjoy a recap of the world's first global virtual art conference, with these special moments, painting and drawing tips from the masters, Cocktail Hour Paint Along highlights, and more.
Mark Making in Charcoal - RealismToday.com

Mark Making in Charcoal

Teresa Oaxaca shares why she finds working with charcoal "refreshing" when it comes to drawing portraits.
Magic realism - RealismToday.com

Putting the Magic Into Realism

To the magical realist, a butterfly may no longer simply be a butterfly, but a technical means by which to convey a story or image beyond words, understood subconsciously where symbols...

Step-by-Step Oil Portrait Painting Demo: “Skin Deep”

When Dutch artist Francien Krieg was intrigued especially by a woman's white hair, she found a way to emphasize it in a 40 x 47-inch portrait painting, using perspective to make the head "monumental." Here's how.
How to draw - Nikolai Blokhin - RealismToday.com

8 Figurative Artworks by a Russian Master

“If you paint a human figure in the right way, you can paint anything,” says Russian master painter Nikolai Blokhin.

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