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Figurative art - Jeremy Lipking - RealismToday.com

The Art of Jeremy Lipking and Why It’s “Rooted in Nature”

Only rarely does an artist come along who not only can see the sensitive nuances of beauty in the world around us but who also has the skill to translate that vision onto canvas.
Colored pencil art - Vickie Lawrence - RealismToday.com

Realism Ambassador of the Week: Vickie Lawrence

Meet this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador, colored pencil artist Vickie Lawrence.
Narrative paintings - Steven Assael - RealismToday.com

The Narrative Paintings of Steven Assael

Using pencil, ink, charcoal, or crayon on paper, Assael could easily draw any sitter into classicized perfection, but he has more interesting plans.
Figure drawing by Daniel Maidman - RealismToday.com

Four Days of Painting Growth: A Figurative Art Event

This November, you can study under the world’s top master artists and change your painting skills forever.
Contemporary portrait paintings - Vicki Sullivan - RealismToday.com

Realism Ambassador of the Week: Vicki Sullivan

Meet Vicki Sullivan, an Australian contemporary realist painter and this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador!
Contemporary realism - Daniel Sprick - RealismToday.com

Striving for Truth and Beauty in Art

“Artists must be patient and be true to themselves and trust their own tastes and their own habits of working and living,” says Daniel Sprick, “and be true to their own aesthetic preferences.”
Figurative art - Danny Grant - RealismToday.com

Figurative Art Spotlight: Danny Grant

Today’s spotlight is on the figurative art of Danny Grant. Enjoy this Q&A we had about his work, his young model, and more.
Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso

Another Milestone for Contemporary Realism

Realism Today celebrates the thousands of American artists who have been trained in traditional methods; and it is particularly significant because it offers yet another outlet of information and ideas for this booming field.

Juliette Aristides

https://www.aristidesarts.com/ Juliette Aristides is the Founder and Director of the Aristides Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA (founded in 2000). She teaches workshops internationally and is the author of six best-selling...

Ryan Brown

http://ryansbrown.com/ Ryan S. Brown is an American painter in the naturalist tradition. After graduating BYU, Ryan went on to study classical painting in Florence, Italy at the Florence Academy of Art, where upon graduation he...

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