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Pastel drawing self-portrait

9 Inspiring Artist Self-Portraits

What makes the self-portraits of professional artists much better than a phone selfie? The answer is that ...
Contemporary realism - Cesar Santos

Painting of the Week: Special Period by Cesar Santos

The paintings and drawings of Cesar Santos appear simultaneously familiar, evoking the aesthetics of the Old Masters, and unrecognizable, comprised of intangible forms that appear to shift and coalesce throughout each composition.
Contemporary realism art - Jong Lee, "Red," 2017, oil on panel, 20 x 16 in., available from the artist

A Symbolic Representation of Duality

When a portrait is painted well, it is sometimes difficult to see beyond the surface beauty. In the case of ...

The Virtuosities of Luis Alvarez Roure

How Luis Alvarez Roure, who will be among the faculty members of Realism Live, has transposed his musical "bravura" into the world of art.
Painting with oil - still life of Peony flowers

Fresh Color: On Painting with Oil

Don't Miss! Find inspiration for painting with oil; And, your chance to win a set of Cobra water-mixable oils from Royal Talens!
oil narrative painting of men working

Narrative Painting of the Week: “Abbot’s Waterway”

There is a lot of superb contemporary realism being made; this article shines light on a narrative painting by Shawn Michael Warren.
Corey Pitkin has also been featured here at RealismToday.com, with his article “Set the Mood with Bold Color and Intentional Edges”

3 Days of Pastel Realism and More

Enjoy a recap of the realism segments of the 3rd Annual Pastel Live, an unforgettable event for artists of all levels of painting with pastels.
Contemporary realism painting of birds - narrative art

The Necessity of Story

The intangible thing that separates the greats from the “pretty goods” is rooted in a deep pool of ethos that is mixed into every puddle of color and directs every movement of the brush.
Pastel paintings - Fiona Carvell, "Tea & Sympathy," Pastel, 15.5 x 15.5 in., Exhibited at The Royal Academy of Arts, London 2023

“Only Connect” (Thoughts On Art and Tea)

Because tea is never just about tea, Fiona Carvell put out a call for tea pots to be used for a special still life painting. The results were ...
Michael Klein, "Bouquet," oil on paper, 21 x 25 in.

A Still Life in 7 Steps

This step-by-step oil painting demonstration begins with a block-in of darks and lights to establish the value range, then ...

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