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Drawing and anatomy
“While cadavers lack the characteristic of gesture, there is a nearly fantastical appreciation of the form sense, layer by layer,” Thompson says. “The study of the threading and composition of human form is an inexhaustible source of learning.”
Contemporary Realism - Still life painting
“There are thousands of options every time you pick up a brush,” says Nancy Depew. “What will guide the decisions you make and what priorities will be revealed by those decisions? Those are the questions that fascinate me. My paintings are done only after I’ve resolved every question.”
Art inspiration - contemporary artist Giovanni Pulze
“If I did manage to recover and had another chance, I would spend the rest of my life creating these paintings as a way to explain the miracles present in the world.”
Mixed media art - Chanel Thervil - ArtistsOnArt.com
A Haitian-American artist’s mixed-media work unveils perspectives on racism from the point of view of black millennials.
Art creativity - ArtistsOnArt.com
Pivoting from studies in sociology to art history, this artist has since become a professor of painting and shares his work in this spotlight.
Contemporary figurative art
In this exclusive Q&A, artist and teacher McGarren Flack tells us about his artistic path, including how his art has changed over time, and one of his biggest challenges.
How to Draw - Drawing Advice - RealismToday.com
If your drawing style falls within the category sometimes known as “Art Class Awkwardism,” you’ll want to see what this teacher has to say.
Inspiration for artists - Samuel Adoquei - ArtistsOnArt.com
This element is behind all successful artists, yet it is often the most ignored. Read this essay from Samuel Adoquei to see how you can tap into the fire that can light your dreams.
Artistic inspiration
Filled with spirit, Katie Whipple shares her journey to Rome. “I was going to live in Italy, make master copies, study Italian history, and eat a lot of gelato. I had a plan . . . but in the first couple days of being in the Eternal City, I could see my carefully thought-out plans gracefully drifting down the Tiber.”
Miniature art and paintings - ArtistsOnArt.com
In a tiny corner of the art world, painters are sitting at their easels, squinting through magnifying lamps, working with very pointy brushes, to render fine art that you can usually hold in the palm of your hand. A few years ago I stumbled into that corner, and I have not really found my way out of it yet . . . Not that I’d want to.

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