Adrienne Stein on Painting Composition

How do you create a complex painting composition? Stein explains in this article: “It takes risk to turn a good painting into a great painting.”

The Way Forward

"From time to time I get emails asking about the business side of art and how I transitioned into becoming a full time artist. My response is always the same: work hard, make honest paintings and put yourself out there."

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas for Artists

From unique to practical, fun to functional, you'll find new gift ideas for artists in this roundup. Shop for a friend, or for yourself - we don't judge!

A Product of Your Environment

In order to keep growing artistically, do this ...

Cultivating Joy While Studying Art

As the director of a classical realism art program, Sadie Valeri says she sometimes sees students forgetting to simply enjoy the process. Here's her advice for when you get frustrated along the path.

Exhibition from the International Guild of Realism

The exhibition features a blend of contemporary and classical realism and styles such as trompe l'oeil, magic realism, and photorealism.

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