Announcement: Joseph Paquet to Lead PACE Pre-Convention Workshop

Join Joseph Paquet and 80+ of today's master painters at the Plein Air Convention & Expo this May in the Smoky Mountains.

Still Life Painting of the Week: “Raise the Flags”

As artists, we usually plan and work toward our initial vision. However, I enjoy the challenge of not knowing the final painting.

Joel Babb and The Mysteries of Perception

"Imagine Leonardo da Vinci and Georges Seurat meet in a field in France. Do they actually see the same things? Do they actually see the same way? The biological perceptual system — is it identical? If it is, then why did they paint so differently?"

Animal Emotions in a Pastel Stream of Consciousness

Emma Colbert's boundless love for nature and animals combined with art and pastel painting has made her one of the most sought-after ...

The Atelier Movement: Reaching More People Than Ever

Classical realism, academic art, the atelier method — whatever you choose to call it, it’s a fact that the tradition of realist art instruction passed down through the ages nearly died during the 20th century.

Suggestions of Hope and Light: A Contemporary Realism Still Life

Read about the artist behind "Blush Arrangement," a scene of pillowy pink flowers at various stages of life, brushed by the loveliest touches of light.

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