Gifts for Artists: THE 2023 Holiday Shopping Guide

This list has it all: books, brushes, paints, and even a special section of gifts under $50!

Understanding the Vanitas Still Life

Artist Carlo Russo explains his recent Vanitas still life painting, which is on view in his solo exhibition at ...

Painting of the Week: “She Has and She Will”

Watercolor Live faculty spotlight: Inspiration and a tip on how to make the shadows in your portrait painting show movement and life.

In the Creative Zone – What’s Your Pre-Painting Routine?

Fellow artists share how they get into the creative zone. Having the mind of an artist means that even when you're not actively making art, you're probably ...

Remember: Artist Frustration is a Milestone

Advice for artists > "Be tenacious, be strategic, and be kind to yourself because frustration is an opportunity for growth."

How to Paint Hands – A Demo for Beginners

In this free demo on how to paint hands, Art School Live guest host Cindy Baron interviews figurative and portrait painter Calvin Lai.

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