A New Vision for Watercolor

Listen to a fascinating podcast with the world-famous Alvaro Castagnet, who discusses painting with watercolor and so much more.

Realism Without Photography

Joseph McGurl doesn't use photo references; why he works from "my observations, memory and imagination."

Painting Home

Realism Landscapes > "I needed to paint my life and my search with the hope that this would reveal a deeper meaning to me."

A World of Ideas

"Honing our craft with the aim that it might one day match up with and do justice to our inner ramblings is an ambition I hold to be sacred."

10 Steps to More Art Sales in 2022

With the new year here, I thought I’d share a few quick ideas to consider so you can plan and implement them now.

Serious Business at Cadboro Bay

Congratulations to Renee Brettler, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon.

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