Create Better Realistic Paintings

Invest just three days in your art at Realism Live, and experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of your realistic paintings.

Traditional Materials, Modernist Sensibilities

This artist's interest in psychology allows her to examine the sitter’s inner dialogue with empathy and intuition.

7 Palette Knife Portraits of Women

Born in Spain and based in London, with time spent living in Africa and India, Elena Gual's work engages with the myriad realities of being a woman worldwide.

Eric Wert On Painting a Realistic Still Life Commission

How a still life commission led to a gratifying collaboration between artist and collector.

What You Missed in Art School

Discover a rock-solid method to become a better artist faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Realism Ambassador of the Week: Marcela Jofre Jorquera

Jorquera  is a realism painter, portrait, and still life lover who specializes in oil and acrylic paintings.

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