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Contemporary realism still life lemons
Scott Fraser address the challenges of being a realist painter trying to create something new and relevant in the 21st century.
Verdaccio Technique for portrait painting
Cuong Nguyen explains his method for creating realistic portrait and figure paintings.
What is contemporary realism - Juliette Aristides
How do you define contemporary realism?
Birgit O'Connor, "Peony," watercolor, 22 x 15 in.
Learn what inspires watercolor artist Birgit O'Connor, as well as the most common mistake she sees beginners make, the first thing they should invest in, and more.
Contemporary realism figurative art
What artists want to paint and what collectors wish to buy do not always look the same.
Painting by Sam Wolfe Connelly
Limitation may be one of the strongest tools available for artists. By restricting your tools, you may find that your ideas are free to grow.
Contemporary realism figurative art
Sharon Sprung on painting portraits and figures: "I seek a dialog between the two, to explore and provoke a more cohesive emotional experience."
photorealistic portrait painting
Exclusive Q&A: Arianna Tamaddon, whose photorealistic paintings are currently on view, shares what inspires her to "dive into this space and unmask the artifice of these coveted female forms."
William Schneider, "Drink From My Cup," 20 x 16 in., Oil
William Schneider, who is on the faculty of Pastel Live (August 2021), shares four "quick fix tools" to improve the values of your next painting.
Contemporary realism - Detail of "Planetary"
Kristy Gordon takes us up close and personal in the process and purpose of her narrative painting, "Planetary."

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