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Contemporary realism painting of an older man
Christopher Benson shares an essay on danger of confusing the level of our craft with the quality of our art.
Painting of a girl making art
Just like the girl in my painting "The Color Collector," creating art was for me a refuge, a place where I was with myself, away from my country.
Representational portrait painting of a woman
The representational portrait painting, "Chelsey" by Alexey Steele, is this week's featured painting for Realism Today.
Oil painting of a man - figurative art
"By examining my own world and people closest to me on a daily basis, my paintings have begun to reflect the current season of my life."
On Figure Painting - Alan Feltus - RealismToday.com
Contemporary figurative artist Alan Feltus shares an essay on painting the nude female figure.
Pet portraits - drawing of dogs
When a memorial dog portrait by James Thomas brought the dog's owners to tears, he saw how powerful his tributes could be. Since then, he ...
Painting of a woman braiding her hair
In her illustrative storytelling, Morgan Irons often maintains a mystery that holds viewers’ interest and invites them to ...
Figurative art oil painting of a woman
The skill of good observation, the ability to convey the three-dimensionality of form convincingly, and the cultivation of edge, color and value sensitivity—all stem from an understanding of the nature of the underlying structure.
Painting inspiration - Nancy Boren - RealismToday.com
"My life feels like a visual treasure hunt.." Contemporary painter Nancy Boren shares her inspiration and process for painting “Fairy Dust on the Breeze.”
Classical painting techniques Daniel Graves - RealismToday.com
A Rare Glimpse Into 600 Years of Classical Painting Techniques (A note from Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine)

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