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Realism landscapes - Joseph McGurl, "Lifting Fog, Cadillac Mountain," 36 x 60 inches, Oil on canvas
Joseph McGurl doesn't use photo references; why he works from "my observations, memory and imagination."
Matthew Cornell, "The Visitor," 8.5 x 11 inches, Oil on canvas
Realism Landscapes > "I needed to paint my life and my search with the hope that this would reveal a deeper meaning to me."
Contemporary realism wildlife art - Martin Wittfooth, "Occupy," 73 x 100 inches, oil on linen, 2012
"Honing our craft with the aim that it might one day match up with and do justice to our inner ramblings is an ambition I hold to be sacred."
Eric Rhoads - How to Sell Your Art
With the new year here, I thought I’d share a few quick ideas to consider so you can plan and implement them now.
"Serious Business at Cadboro Bay" (oil, 16 x 20 in.) by Renee Butler, won the "Best Figure and Portrait" category for the May 2021 Plein Air Salon
Congratulations to Renee Brettler, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon.
How to paint art - "The Caddy" by Lyn Boyer
If someone said to you, “I’m not talented enough to paint,” what would your response be? We posed this question to Lyn Boyer, and here's what she had to say...
Kathleen Giles, "The Bird Lady," transparent watercolor on paper, 11 x 15 in.
In this mesmerizing high-speed recording, Kathleen Giles demonstrates how she paints a realistic portrait using watercolor.
Lynn Sanguedolce in the art studio
How one artist shed self-imposed limitations and gathered experiences as tools: "It was important to shed those skins, put my ego on a shelf—however painful and humbling the process—and open up to what else I might learn."
how to sketch realistic eyes 120621a
In this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso shares a demonstration on how to sketch realistic eyes. Don't miss it!
How to paint realistic portraits
Now you can easily learn to paint beautiful portraits and create gorgeous works of art that you can proudly display or sell.

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