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Discover figurative art guidance and inspiration from master artists who share their experience and advice on drawing and painting portraits, self-portraits, and the figure.

Maybe I focused on realism because it was the closest solution to the idea of creating something different, something that others could not or would not.
His portfolio of large-scale multi-figure paintings, individual portraits conveying psychological depth, and drawings in charcoal, graphite, and pen-and-ink tell of his desire to understand and make sense of the world through the work of his hand.
Never simply representations, images of black people have come through a politically charged and aesthetically complex history ...
What makes the self-portraits of professional artists much better than a phone selfie? The answer is that ...
”The Peasants” comes to life by hand painting and presents a wide repertoire of realist and pre-impressionist paintings. To accomplish the work ...
How Luis Alvarez Roure, who will be among the faculty members of Realism Live, has transposed his musical "bravura" into the world of art.
An interview with contemporary realism artist Guillermo Lorca on his time with Odd Nerdrum, his murals, and more.
Academic drawing remains a cornerstone of art teaching, and has reached levels that exceed historical and present-day norms in both technical ability and subtlety of interpretation.
An interview with American painter Patricia Watwood, who is on the faculty of the 4th annual Realism Live virtual art conference.
Our painting of the week comes from the International Biennial Portrait Competition taking place at the ...

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