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Discover figurative art guidance and inspiration from master artists who share their experience and advice on drawing and painting portraits, self-portraits, and the figure.

Learn the artist's inspiration behind the painting "Reminiscentia," as well as why he chose to enter this international art competition.
What a free mini-lesson on how to paint hair in this clip from Art School Live with Eric Rhoads!
Working within the classical western tradition of figurative art, this artist's goal has been to explore and portray women's bodies and gestures from a 21st century point of view.
Karen Offutt shares why - and how - her artistic style has evolved over the years, including what it was like to take time off from painting.
“I’ve already done enough paintings for one lifetime," says Daniel Sprick, "but the reason I continue is that I think there’s some undiscovered territory. I want to find it. Find it or die trying.”
The hourly wage of an art model can add up; In this article Gregory Mortenson describes some of his paintings and a few techniques he employs to get the best value.
"In this time of instant gratification and fast, bright images, I am compelled in the direction of ..."
Gwenneth Barth-White, who is on the faculty of Pastel Live, addresses pastel substrates, how she uses hard and soft pastels, the archival nature of the medium, and more.
Too many artists are caught in drawing from life as a one-way street towards surface description. Here's a look at the complexity of life drawing.
Congratulations to Nicole Moné, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon.

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