Figurative Art

Discover figurative art guidance and inspiration from master artists who share their experience and advice on drawing and painting portraits, self-portraits, and the figure.

“It is a wonderful medium, as vibrant as it is immediate in its realization.” Read more about the inspirational pastel painting ...
What makes a portrait so appealing that one would buy a painting of someone they don’t know?
"My goal in this painting was to pull the subject's shadowed face out of the darkness, allowing only the light areas to contain detail while handling the dark of his clothing and chair with a gestural, even calligraphic brushwork."
Oliver Sin, who has had two portraits featured on the cover of Time Magazine and who has worked for George Lucas, takes us through his portrait drawing process of a model named Juan.
Ann James Massey takes us through the process of creating a figurative painting that celebrates an annual Catholic tradition.
Manu Saluja shares her step-by-step process for creating a portrait of her friend, an art model who felt a personal connection to the symbolic African mask she holds.
A look at the history of portraiture, the process of doing a portrait commission, and the challenges you might face.
While color can be a powerful tool for artists to communicate emotions and ideas, its complexity is often paralyzing.
For centuries, artists and scientists have been fascinated by the structures of the human body ...
A feature article by David Kassan about "developing a state of mind, about being your own artist, about being who you are and bringing your own truths to your work, in the way that only you can."

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