Things Don’t Come Easy

Listen to a recent episode of The Unvarnished Podcast with Ryan Brown, featuring CEO, publisher, and artist Eric Rhoads. In it, they discuss the challenges of being an artist and doing what you love, and much more.

No Rules, But Don’t Break These Laws

What now? Where do we go from here? If there aren’t any rules in art, how do we know where to start?

Still Life Painting of the Week: Sweet Kajari

"It is a bit of magic that with nothing but a squeeze of paint and some good brushes, you can tell a story."

The Painter’s Reference

There are many other ways to mold your reference to have better manners as an aid in painting, but we must always remember that ...

Part of the Healing Process

In 2020, at the height of the BLM movement, a woman named Saraa Kami contacted Oosterlee to say how much she admired her art, and also to ask why it never ...

How to Fix a Failed Painting

Jill Stefani Wagner walks us through her process of taking a pastel painting that didn't work out originally but still has potential and turning it into a work to be proud of.

Painting the Classic Tronie

The informal nature of the tronie can provide an opportunity for expressing painterliness. Tronie is 16/17th-century Dutch for “face."

A Crowded Genre, But …

Learn about a contemporary realism artist who paints large floral scenes as if they were vast landscapes, even if ...

Painting Flowers: Dew Drops Simplified

One of Lyn Diefenbach's secrets is a technique for painting dew drops, which she demonstrates in this free Art School Live video with Eric Rhoads.

Realism Portait of the Week: Syrian Shadows

James Earley's oil painting "Syrian Shadows" is part of his series of work on "War and Conflict" and is a tribute to all those impacted by the war in Syria.

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