Portrait of Emotion

What makes a portrait so appealing that one would buy a painting of someone they don’t know?

Painting of the Week: African Meeting House (Nantucket)

"Painting this dwelling was a form of worship," said Mario Robinson. "This building served free African Americans on the island of ..."

Artist Spotlight: Shawn Michael Warren

What is the most interesting thing you have painted/sculpted and why? Shawn Michael Warren: I would have to say that my allegory, “In a Promised...

Painting of the Week: Top Hat

"My goal in this painting was to pull the subject's shadowed face out of the darkness, allowing only the light areas to contain detail while handling the dark of his clothing and chair with a gestural, even calligraphic brushwork."

Call for Entries: $50,000 Grand Prize

This annual art competition offers $50,000 grand prize is the largest offered solely to ...

Wild Orchid: A Contemporary Realism Portrait in Stages

Adrienne Stein shares her process for painting the contemporary realism portrait "Wild Orchid," which consisted of a different approach ...

Painting of the Day: Rodin’s Roses

Watch: Susan Blackwood takes a painting that started en plein air and shares her concepts to make it an even more powerful work of art once in the studio.

Call for Entries: Art Renewal Center’s International Salon

The Art Renewal Center is now accepting entries to the 16th International ARC Salon Competition; the entry deadline is ...

Sherrie McGraw on Abstract Realism and More

A feature on Sherrie McGraw and the wonderful synthesis of figurative realism and abstract realism.

Call for Entries: Unmasked

Is your work eligible? Learn about a new Call for Entries for contemporary portraiture.

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