Portraits in Acrylic: An Unconventional Approach

Why acrylic is the medium of choice for this artist, despite the tradition of oil.

Why Some Artists Are More Successful

After producing several art magazines, newsletters, and art conferences and judging competitions for almost 15 years, Eric Rhoads is seeing a pattern in successful artists.

The Road to Mastery

With dogged determination and a clear path, we can bring the pursuit of mastery into reality in the tradition of the Old Masters.

Art Studio Lighting Basics

Learn the best way to light your art studio for painting, including choosing the best wall color, and more.

Painting White: Pro Advice for Artists

Before you reach for that tube of white paint, see what Lori McNee has to say about how much color it takes to create the illusion of white, and give more life to your next painting.

Gaining Strength Through Art

Moving from Puerto Rico to California manifested a sense (and a painting) of Resilience for this inspiring woman. Bonus: Includes a figurative art step-by-step lesson.

Jordan Sokol: A Consecrated Reality

“Through the process of painting we have the potential to peel back the layers of simulacra and reveal a deeper truth…”

Autobiographical Still Life Paintings: It’s All About the Idea

Oil painter Stuart Dunkel shares his breakthrough moment in art, his process, his palette, and a step-by-step still life painting demonstration.

Painting the Figure Outdoors

“The point is to connect the human story, as represented by a model, with the spirit of Nature.” Watercolor artist Jeff Mathison explains why he paints the figure en plein air.

Why I Paint Portraits of Musicians

When portrait painter Diane Russell won a scholarship to the Figurative Art Convention & Expo (FACE), we invited her to join us in a Q&A about her art, her challenges, and her experience at FACE. Read more to be inspired.

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