Inside the Art Studio of Daniel Sprick

Contemporary artist Daniel Sprick takes us on an intimate tour of his beautiful art studio in this exclusive video from Streamline Publishing. Watch as Daniel discusses natural lighting, the amount of space you need (it's probably less than you think), one of the "luxuries of getting older," and more. 

9 Inspiring Quotes From a Master on Traditional Oil Painting

Virgil Elliott's obsession with art, traditional oil painting, and the serious pursuit of it began shortly after WWII. Here's what you can learn from him.

The Art We Favor Most: Women vs Men

Do men and women have different preferences when it comes to art?

How Painting Helps Me Understand Life

Visual artist Terry Strickland shares how her figurative paintings help her, and others, understand this collective experience of art and life.

Narrative Paintings that Welcome You to the Inner City

The inner city, with all the urban mystifications, is the backdrop of the artistic works and narrative paintings of David Buttram.

City Life: Painting the People of NYC

Vincent Giarrano finds that painting people around NYC is "endlessly inspiring." Discover some of his muses here.

Don’t Deny Your Urges

American artist Nicholas Coleman with inspirational words on painting, including the mistake many artists are doing today.

Longing for Beauty

"I have come to learn that light itself is beautiful and seems to impart beauty to all it bathes, even to subjects that most might consider unsightly."

Sneak Peek at a Studio Incamminati Still Life

Currently, before going to its new home, the piece is on display in ...

Learning Realism Still Life and Portraits – in Pastel

Enjoy a recap of the 2nd Annual Pastel Live, an unforgettable virtual event for artists of all levels of painting with pastels. This year, we welcomed a new co-host ...

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