Delightfully Absurd: A Day Like Any Other

Congratulations to Nicole Moné, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon.

Attention, Artists Wanting to Create Better Realistic Paintings

Invest just three days in your art at Realism Live, and experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of your realistic paintings.

15-Minute Sketch: Drawing Cars in Cityscapes

Get out your sketchbook and favorite drawing utensil for this montage of vehicles.

Why There Is No Substitute

On working in the traditional means of figurative painting in the 21st century.

Growing Up in an Art School

An artist shares the experience of having an artist and teacher as his father, leading him to begin teaching at the very young age of ...

Podcast: The Art of Practice

Still life painter Stephanie Birdsall, who is on the faculty of Pastel Live (August 2021), gives you an in-depth look into her fascinating journey to artistic success in this interview with Eric Rhoads.

Seductive, Subversive, Sensitive

A spotlight on figurative artist Alessandro Tomassetti

Rhythmic Narratives in Contemporary Realism

"While my formal approach to painting and drawing is rooted in observing nature, I find great joy in exploring imaginary elements as they are a source of endless possibilities."

History Recorded: How Artists Respond to “2020”

Throughout the pandemic, our surroundings, family, and often-viewed objects became subjects and, consequently, immortalized.

How to Paint a Still Life in an Hour

In this interview with Eric Rhoads, artist and educator Mandy Theis walks us through her steps for painting a beautiful still life in just an hour. Watch or follow along!

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