A Symbolic Representation of Duality

When a portrait is painted well, it is sometimes difficult to see beyond the surface beauty. In the case of ...

The Peasants: A New Hand-Painted Film Inspired by Nobel Prize-Winning Novel

”The Peasants” comes to life by hand painting and presents a wide repertoire of realist and pre-impressionist paintings. To accomplish the work ...

Painting Bliss and the Contemporary Realism Movement

We may be using techniques rooted in the past, but we’re blazing a modern-day trail. Here's how.

The Virtuosities of Luis Alvarez Roure

How Luis Alvarez Roure, who will be among the faculty members of Realism Live, has transposed his musical "bravura" into the world of art.

Guillermo Lorca’s Painted Operas

An interview with contemporary realism artist Guillermo Lorca on his time with Odd Nerdrum, his murals, and more.

Painting of the Week: A #MiniLandscape by Erik Koeppel

Erik Koeppel (b.1980) is a traditional landscape painter who has become a leader in the revival of the techniques and philosophy of the Hudson...

Painting of the Week: “Dusk on the Lower Salt River”

Congratulations to Nicholas Coleman, whose western painting, "Dusk on the Lower Salt River," recently won the ...

Fresh Color: On Painting with Oil

Don't Miss! Find inspiration for painting with oil; And, your chance to win a set of Cobra water-mixable oils from Royal Talens!

How Academic Drawing Is Alive and Well in China

Academic drawing remains a cornerstone of art teaching, and has reached levels that exceed historical and present-day norms in both technical ability and subtlety of interpretation.

Painting of the Week: Meeting House Entry

Our Painting of the Week is by Tamalin Baumgarten, whose work is on view at ...

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