Drawings Done in Realism Style of Art

Browse a variety of realism drawings in the following free articles from artists who have mastered the practice of creating figurative art.

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Drawings Done in Realism Style of Art - Realism Today

1. Drawing as a Way of Seeing

On Drawing > Joel Daniel Phillips shares the inspiration and techniques behind his hyperrealistic drawings in charcoal, graphite, and ink.
Read: https://realismtoday.com/hyperrealistic-charcoal-graphite-realist-drawing-seeing/

2. Drawing with Expression, Not Expectation

If you sketch often and don’t feel too precious about the outcome, you can allow yourself to stop at whatever moment you like the drawing best, no matter the level of completion.
Read: https://realismtoday.com/drawing-sketching-expression-expectation/

3. Ballpoint Pen Drawing Demo: When to Step Away?

Drawing in ballpoint pen is the same as working with watercolors. See how in this step-by-step portrait drawing demonstration.
Read: https://realismtoday.com/ballpoint-pen-drawing-demo-when-to-step-away/

4. How to Draw with Charcoal: A Medium With Mystical Gravity

Charcoal is a drawing medium that allows you to, in essence, deal with the extremes of creation, of a most ancient and elemental contrast.
Read: https://realismtoday.com/how-to-draw-with-charcoal-medium-julio-reyes/

5. Mark Making in Charcoal

On drawing with charcoal > Teresa Oaxaca shares why she finds working with charcoal “refreshing” when it comes to drawing portraits.
Read: https://realismtoday.com/mark-making-in-charcoal/

6. Drawing with Charcoal: Pulling Light From Darkness

April Coppini, artist and mother of three, shares the fascination that keeps her motivated and her process for creating charcoal drawings that are sometimes chaotic, and sometimes calm.
Read: https://realismtoday.com/charcoal-drawings-pulling-light-from-darkness/

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