Don Demers on Redefining Beauty

Don Demers is at the point in his career where he can explore the most subtle and meaningful approaches to marine art and more, having mastered ...

Contemporary Realism Artist of the Week: Sparking a Dialogue

"In HER Element" is a collection of contemporary realism portraits that aim to celebrate the multifaceted essence of the female spirit and aliveness and their connection to the environments that empower them.

60+ Drawings and Paintings That Depict Eyes

Mysterious, beautiful, telling ... the eyes in a portrait painting reveal as much about the sitter as they do the artist in some ways. Here, we hope you'll find inspiration for drawing and painting eyes

Pastel Painting of the Week: “Eventide”

Congratulations to Kathy Falla Howard, whose work has been recognized in the monthly PleinAir Salon.

A Winning Pastel Painting > My Inspiration, Challenges, and More

Congratulations to Lisa Skelly, whose pastel painting "Rock Steady" has been recognized in the monthly PleinAir Salon.

Joe Paquet on Winter Landscape Painting en Plein Air

When landscape painting on location, Joe Paquet says he is careful never to ...

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