What Inspires Master Artist Daniel Graves

From doorways found in distant travels to classic myths, discover what inspires the contemporary realism of Daniel Graves, and be moved.

The Burning of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard’s Masterpiece

In this interview, Gabriela Dellosso tells us about her winning painting that captures a moment in the French Revolution.

Nature Morte: To Paint a Dead Bird

Fascinated with the beauty of birds in both life and death, this artist shares an essay on the "how" and "why" of her nature morte paintings.

Caring for Your Brushes: A Cheapskate’s Guide

As artists, our choice of paint brushes should be carefully considered and our care for them tailored toward extending their life for as long as possible — who wants to unnecessarily be buying replacement brushes because one didn't give them the proper care?

Figurative Art That Creates a Wordless Dialogue

In this artist spotlight, Andrea Kemp explains how, for her, evolving as an artist brings new meaning to her figurative art, in creating a "wordless dialogue."

Watercolor Still Life: Why I Paint Withered Sunflowers

Inspired by a symbolic circle of life, Soon Y. Warren shares why and how she paints sunflowers using watercolor. Bonus: View her realistic still lifes that show a mastery of painting crystal.

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