Inside the Art Studio of Daniel Sprick

Contemporary artist Daniel Sprick takes us on an intimate tour of his beautiful art studio in this exclusive video from Streamline Publishing. Watch as Daniel discusses natural lighting, the amount of space you need (it's probably less than you think), one of the "luxuries of getting older," and more. 

Ballpoint Pen Drawing Demo: When to Step Away?

Drawing in ballpoint pen is the same as working with watercolors. See how in this step-by-step portrait drawing demonstration.

How to Draw with Charcoal: A Medium With Mystical Gravity

Charcoal is a drawing medium that allows you to, in essence, deal with the extremes of creation, of a most ancient and elemental contrast.

Art Supplies: Colors That Play Well Together

In this guest blog post, Carolyn Anderson takes us behind the scenes and answers a common question: What's on your palette? Also learn what type of brush she uses almost exclusively, and the surfaces she recommends.

Kloosterboer on Creative Time

Take a journey with Lorena Kloosterboer, who takes you through her creative process, from the inception to the completion of a still life painting.

How to Create a Vibrant Posthumous Portrait

Consider these points when someone wants you to paint a loved one who has passed, and learn how to make the most of your resources.

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