What Inspires Master Artist Daniel Graves

From doorways found in distant travels to classic myths, discover what inspires the contemporary realism of Daniel Graves, and be moved.

Still Life Spotlight: From the Hearth

Art Competitions > Congratulations to Barbara S. Groff, whose work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon.

Tangled Hierarchies

In his narrative oil paintings, Jay Senetchko invites the viewer to navigate a maze of strange loops. Tangled hierarchies of communal polytely and historical referencing conflate past, present, and future.

Why I Use a Ballpoint Pen For My Figure Drawings

Geoff Flack, director of the Core Drawing Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art, takes us behind the scenes of his art, including why - and how - he "disrupts reality" in his figure drawings.

One to Watch: Sara Scribner

Featuring otherworldly environments and mystical motifs, Scribner's paintings create a sweeping sense of being in another time or place, perhaps even in a dream.

The Story of Annie Murphy Robinson

"After getting clean and sober, the haze lifted and I was able to use that life experience of sad emptiness to feed my artwork. The struggle then had meaning." Annie Murphy Robinson explains.

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