Watch: Expert Portrait Drawing Tip

In this four-minute video, artist Joshua LaRock shares some of his advice for drawing portraits with a model.

Contemporary Oil Painting: A Visual Treasure Hunt

Contemporary painter Nancy Boren shares her inspiration and process for painting “Fairy Dust on the Breeze.”

Abyss: Colored Pencil Art by Jesse Lane

Jesse Lane broke from his tradition of realist colored pencil portraits to create “Abyss.” Here, he takes us into his drawing process.

Contemporary Art: Getting to the Next Level

“One of the frustrations with being an artist is hitting the proverbial ‘plateau,’ and if not handled correctly, such plateaus can make or break your artistic confidence,” says realist painter Tony Pro. Here are some of his tips to help you get past these bumps in the road to good painting.

Ambassador of the Week: Francien Krieg

Meet this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador, figurative painter Francien Krieg, whose works honor new life and the unpredictable, continuous life that is subject to change thereafter.

Pro Advice on How to Get Into an Art Gallery

There are many ways to sell your art; see why (and how) you should look into getting represented by a gallery.

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