What Inspires Master Artist Daniel Graves

From doorways found in distant travels to classic myths, discover what inspires the contemporary realism of Daniel Graves, and be moved.

Juliette Aristides: Seeing Beauty in Everyday Life

The idea of seeing — truly seeing — is where Aristides wants her students to start, eventually finding their way to the creation of beauty, which she considers a “portal to meaning.”

Preserving Fire, Voice Lessons

On being an artist: "I studied, worked hard, and often failed again and again to get at what I was looking for," says Nancy Depew. "But mistakes are invaluable teachers..."

Painting of the Week: Tomorrow’s Approach

Congratulations to Riley Doyle, whose contemporary realism work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon.

Figure Drawing and Economy of Line

What if you had to pay for every line you drew? Learn how this artist uses "Penny Lines" and "Dollar Lines" to give each mark a hierarchy of importance.

My Favorite Acrylic Painting Techniques

Chantel Barber is known for her expressive paintings. In this guest blog post, she shares some of her favorite (and surprising) acrylic painting tips and techniques.

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