What Inspires Master Artist Daniel Graves

From doorways found in distant travels to classic myths, discover what inspires the contemporary realism of Daniel Graves, and be moved.

Drawing with Charcoal: Pulling Light From Darkness

April Coppini, artist and mother of three, shares the fascination that keeps her motivated and her process for creating charcoal drawings that are sometimes chaotic, and sometimes calm.

Color “Rules” That Aren’t True

There are a number of “rules” about how color should be used that aren’t true—or aren’t always true. Todd Casey explains this, explains the term "local color," and shares a bonus tip for mixing colors in this excerpt from his new book, "The Art of Still Life."

Breaking Taboos

"I explore societal taboos and disorder, and through my artistic practice I hope to be able to deal with the damage of my past and provide my own children with a world of wonder and nurture." Be inspired by the works of Claudia Kaak.

Secrets and Private Thoughts

Terry Miura shares his process for painting evocative and mysterious figures: "The process I follow in creating my figurative works varies from piece to piece, but they start similarly..."

The Simple Beauty of Bubbles

When contemporary artist and musician Andrew Kinsman found himself on lockdown in Italy earlier this year, he chose to focus on a painting subject that has been a lifetime fascination of his...

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