Painting Animals: Step-by-Step Demo of a Herd of Cows

On Painting Animals > "I work in a realistic style but always aim to create a painting with more depth and vibrance than the photo reference," says Emma Colbert.

On Painting “Rose Thundercloud”

Having a sharp eye is clearly instinctive for this self-taught painter of the Southwest, who also had the benefit of an ongoing mentorship with the established landscape painter ...

Contemporary Realism Painting of the Week: Wings of Wanderlust

Kesja Tabaczuk's contemporary realism explores themes of childhood nostalgia and the beauty of everyday moments. She draws influence from ...

The Haunting Landscapes of Edward Duff

Edward Duff's new landscape paintings are "a visual love letter" to the beautiful and varied lands of Michigan. Here, he shares his inspiration and process as an oil painter.

Is Your Favorite Paint Color Discontinued?

Rumors have been flying about manufacturers discontinuing some favorite colors, sending them into the void of, “Remember when they made ...?”

Strange and Quirky, But It Makes Sense

NYC-based oil painter Devin Cecil-Wishing shares his thoughts on art as a language in its own world.

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