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Jurors for Figurativas 2023 - Figurative art
This competition is not just an event in itself, but the beginning of an exciting ongoing artistic journey.
Pastel drawing self-portrait
What makes the self-portraits of professional artists much better than a phone selfie? The answer is that ...
Contemporary realism - Cesar Santos
The paintings and drawings of Cesar Santos appear simultaneously familiar, evoking the aesthetics of the Old Masters, and unrecognizable, comprised of intangible forms that appear to shift and coalesce throughout each composition.
Contemporary realism art - Jong Lee, "Red," 2017, oil on panel, 20 x 16 in., available from the artist
When a portrait is painted well, it is sometimes difficult to see beyond the surface beauty. In the case of ...
The Peasant film - hand painted movie like Loving Vincent
”The Peasants” comes to life by hand painting and presents a wide repertoire of realist and pre-impressionist paintings. To accomplish the work ...
Contemporary realism
We may be using techniques rooted in the past, but we’re blazing a modern-day trail. Here's how.
How Luis Alvarez Roure, who will be among the faculty members of Realism Live, has transposed his musical "bravura" into the world of art.
Guillermo Lorca painting "The Man of the Cats," 2016; photo: Jaime Arrau
An interview with contemporary realism artist Guillermo Lorca on his time with Odd Nerdrum, his murals, and more.
Miniature realism landscape painting by Erik Koeppel
Erik Koeppel (b.1980) is a traditional landscape painter who has become a leader in the revival of the techniques and philosophy of the Hudson River School. Koeppel studied extensively in museums, and in nature to arrive at the determination that the powerful methods of the masters, are in fact an urgently needed voice in contemporary culture. In mastering these...
Nicholas Coleman, "Dusk on the Lower Salt River," oil, 36 x 72 in.
Congratulations to Nicholas Coleman, whose western painting, "Dusk on the Lower Salt River," recently won the ...

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