Adrienne Stein on Painting Composition

How do you create a complex painting composition? Stein explains in this article: “It takes risk to turn a good painting into a great painting.”

Creative Art Prompts: Paint or Draw a Selfie

Here are some of the self-portraits you shared with us – be inspired by these, and scroll down to discover this week’s prompt!

Facebook Live Series: Daniel Graves “Old World Portraiture” **FREE VIEWING**

In this video broadcast, Daniel Graves walks through some of the age-old techniques on painting like the masters.

Between Art and Quarantine: 11 Reenacted Paintings That Will Make You Smile

During this #stayathome period, the internet is filling up with creative people who are recreating their favorite paintings. Here are 11 of our favorites.

Two Artists Living and Working in Harmony

John and Suzie Seery-Lester share the inspirational story of how their lives came together through art. Bonus: Learn about the colors choices and techniques for painting representational art.

For You: Creative Art Prompts

Create a painting or drawing inspired by our creative art prompts, and your art could be featured at!

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