Between Dreams and Fulfillment

“It is a wonderful medium, as vibrant as it is immediate in its realization.” Read more about the inspirational pastel painting ...

When It’s Okay For An Artist to Bring the Drama

Bringing drama into a wildlife painting is an attempt to help the viewer emotionally connect with the piece...

Intent and Becoming a Professional Artist

There is nothing wrong with remaining a hobbyist artist. However, the aspiring professional must ...

10 Suggestions on How to Self Critique Your Art

The next best thing to having someone to correct your mistakes is to self critique your art. Here are some pointers to help you judge your painting objectively.

On Painting, and Touching the Soul

In a good painting, love shines through like a star on a cold night. Unfortunately not everyone can see it, and therein lies the paradox.

Artist Spotlight: Pauline Aubey

Developing a glazes technique consisting in a superimposition of matte and transparent bricks to achieve the subtle quintessential texture Pauline is looking for in the artist's work.

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