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As the director of a classical realism art program, Sadie Valeri says she sometimes sees students forgetting to simply enjoy the process. Here's her advice for when you get frustrated along the path.
The exhibition features a blend of contemporary and classical realism and styles such as trompe l'oeil, magic realism, and photorealism.
"For the past couple of years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom and artist, and daily painter," she said. "My artwork reflects my education in plants as well as portraits and surrealism."
In this free watercolor lesson, Richie Vios shares the essential but underrated skills of creating the perfect consistency of water and pigments.
Art on View > A contemporary realism painting that portraitizes millennials "as they try to figure it out."
Enjoy highlights from realism painting presentations and discussions from Daniel Sprick, Adrienne Stein, Quang Ho, Jacob Collins, Sharon Sprung, Graydon Parrish, and many more.
"I feel this is a bit of a validation for the new, looser direction my art has been taking," said the artist. Find out who ...
"'Jewel' allows the audience to look into my creative process and feel the movements in the painting as if the painting were evolving live," Vincent said. "Perhaps intuition from childhood calligraphy is also apparent in the brush strokes here."
The 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition has now closed at Sotheby’s NY, but if you missed seeing the show, you can still enjoy it in Spain, or at home.
We're thrilled to welcome Lisa Egeli to the Realism Live faculty. Enjoy a lightening round Q&A with the artist here!

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