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Terry Miura shares his process for painting evocative and mysterious figures: "The process I follow in creating my figurative works varies from piece to piece, but they start similarly..."
When contemporary artist and musician Andrew Kinsman found himself on lockdown in Italy earlier this year, he chose to focus on a painting subject that has been a lifetime fascination of his...
Edward “Ted” Minoff explains how to paint waves by breaking the subject down into various components, including how to paint water that's in motion.
Go behind the scenes of how Eric Wert creates masterful Dutch-inspired still life paintings of subjects that are common, yet "unknowable."
"Feeling overwhelmed is not an exclusive state of mind reserved for only those new to painting," says Johanne Mangi, who explains why you should use these painting basics, no matter what your experience level is.
Congratulations to Kerri McAuliffe, whose work has been recognized in the monthly PleinAir Salon.
Discover gender-composite realistic drawings that explore the themes of femininity in art history and gender identity today.
The expression “Greatness is in Simplicity” could not be better suited for this organic and valuable technique. At its base are natural ingredients such as...
Based in Seattle, Washington, Irish artist and educator Mark Kang-O'Higgins explains that he became an artist to understand the world and himself: "I paint oil portraits because they help me understand other people."
Through careful development of design, Zhaoming Wu takes the subject to a higher level and develops the conversion from idea to visual usability.

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