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In addition to getting over the intense fear of just putting your work out there, there are certain steps you can take to find the right art galleries to represent you. Here's how one artist creates success.
Canadian artist Sybiline explains how her award-winning painting, "My Precious," aims to represent her values, feelings, and creative universe.
Rust red pigment

Toxic Art

Learn how this group is using revolutionary technology to turn toxic acid mine drainage into richly colored, non-toxic paint pigment for artists.
What should artists do to get their message across to the viewer? Huihan Liu explains how simplifying a painting before developing the narrative may be your key to a successful composition.
See how contemporary artist and art professor Victor Wang creates a mixed media portrait that's layered with texture and meaning.
Brazilian watercolorist Eudes Correia shares his inspiring story, advice for other artists, and his step-by-step painting process in this exclusive interview with Realism Today.
Laurin McCracken is a realist watercolorist whose work is largely influenced by the Dutch and Flemish still life painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. In this guest blog post, he takes us into his process for painting: "It is like a very good novel; you want it to go on forever."
"These four paintings are great examples to show my love for fabric and bringing clothing to life," says Taha Clayton. "I feel my subjects are all artists in their own right, and all of these paintings have a strong fabric presence that allow the viewer a look into the model's personality."
How does one thank the surgeon who saved her artistic talent from a spine injury? Watercolor artist Jennifer Hunter shares the life-changing experience that helped her overcome fears, regain control of her arms, and return to painting.
Massagrande bends the rules of perspective to introduce subtle distortions and exaggerations that heighten the psychological impact of these scenes.

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