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Emilie Fantuz is an American-Canadian artist known for her large-scale paintings depicting reflections and nocturnal urban landscapes. Her palette knife paintings combine technical elements of hyperrealism with an abstracted stylization that is distinctly her own.
The more I’m burdened with the technical aspects of painting, the less I see. So before I lay my first brushstroke, I have to ...
Why one artist has committed to painting nocturnes - at least one - at each plein air event he attends.
Insights on painting portrait commissions, including what makes the difference between a good portrait and a great portrait.
Artist Patricia Guzmán's intimate watercolor portraits place the viewer at the center of an intense dialogue in which the artist gives voice to the human condition.
Fine Art Connoisseur presents “Expressive Gesture Drawing with Oliver Sin," a live, two-hour demonstration hosted by Peter Trippi.
What I had to first realize; when my training began; and how martial arts helped me survive in the art business.
"Brushes are only as good as how we use them," says plein air watercolor artist Geoff Allen. He explains the essential three types of brushes ....
Every once in a while, you luck out with ...
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