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Though natural artistic talent can provide needed encouragement for artists, properly seeing our world is something that must be learned and developed. These ideas can get you started on that path...
How do you capture the nature of birds in flight and at rest? Michael Dumas shares both his inspiration and his process for his winning work, "Fox Sparrow Study."
“When one decides to dispense with the idea that becoming a painter involves some mysticism, real progress can be made,” says Tim Rees. “My painting career began with one assumption: There are very skilled artists painting realism, and if they learned how to do it, so can I.”
These grants help artists pay for materials, studio space, or even their rent, allowing artists to sustain themselves and their art practices during this difficult time. Are you eligible?
Ryan Brown shares advice on how to give yourself the best chance to succeed and become an expert at what you do.
How artists from all over the world are learning from master artists in real time, making new friends throughout the painting sessions, and getting through an unforgettable time together - through art.
The event features the world's top artists doing painting demonstrations, along with talks and discussions. Attendees can go into breakout rooms with others for further discussion, and there is a paint-along for the entire group at the end of each day.
Congratulations to Johannes Wessmark, whose hyperrealism paintings have been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon.
Conor Walton discusses three of his narrative paintings. He says, "All my paintings are attempted answers to the three questions in the title of Gauguin’s famous painting: ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’"
Nathan Ives, director of “Somewhere in the Middle,” takes us behind the scenes of his new movie, which raises the question about what it means to be a “successful” artist.

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