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What if you had to pay for every line you drew? Learn how this artist uses "Penny Lines" and "Dollar Lines" to give each mark a hierarchy of importance.
Chantel Barber is known for her expressive paintings. In this guest blog post, she shares some of her favorite (and surprising) acrylic painting tips and techniques.
How Dustin Van Wechel's love of the Rocky Mountain West finds its way onto canvas. Bonus: Includes a step-by-step oil painting demonstration.
"The drawing process as I learned it was the education in a style of vision," says Anthony Matromatteo.
The realist colored pencil works of Jesse Lane are meaningful, perhaps now more so than before.
After years of studying first-person sources, manuscripts, and practicing as an artist, Matthew James Collins discovered a thread connecting different eras of time. Learn what the common theme is in this article on painting life-size portraiture.
You'll love seeing these "limited palette" artworks that your peers created. Click through to be inspired, and remember to tag us on Instagram (@realism.today) for a chance to be featured.
Inspired by his own mentor, artist Daniel E. Greene (1934-2020), Jody Thompson shares how Greene influenced his lifetime of painting, teaching, and mentoring, and why it's imperative that the tradition continues.
Congratulations to Ron Gallo, whose work has been recognized in the bi-monthly PleinAir Salon.
Michael established himself as an award-winning portrait artist. He painted more than 850 commissioned portraits in his 35-plus year career, including distinguished subjects such as President Ronald Reagan and Bill Gates.

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