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Art Competitions > Congratulations to Barbara S. Groff, whose work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon.
In his narrative oil paintings, Jay Senetchko invites the viewer to navigate a maze of strange loops. Tangled hierarchies of communal polytely and historical referencing conflate past, present, and future.
Geoff Flack, director of the Core Drawing Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art, takes us behind the scenes of his art, including why - and how - he "disrupts reality" in his figure drawings.
Featuring otherworldly environments and mystical motifs, Scribner's paintings create a sweeping sense of being in another time or place, perhaps even in a dream.
"After getting clean and sober, the haze lifted and I was able to use that life experience of sad emptiness to feed my artwork. The struggle then had meaning." Annie Murphy Robinson explains.
Following the recent success of Plein Air Live, the world’s first virtual art summit, Streamline Publishing is announcing its next online conference, Realism Live. You don't want to miss it!
Contemporary artist Terry Norris takes us through the concepts that inspire her traditional still life paintings, and the quickest and most effective way she has found to develop one's own vision and practical painting knowledge.
With much study and years of practice, Laurel Daniel has discovered a number of ways to create the illusion of depth in an oil painting, which she shares with you in this free article.
On figurative art: "Drawn from lived experiences, the work I make records moments as a diary but also points as a metaphor for larger issues," says Charis J. Carmichael Braun.
If your paintings look stiff, if your figures don’t turn, and objects appear flat and look like paper cut-outs, then perhaps you need to do this...

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