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"When we fail to seek new perspectives, stagnation creeps in." Through realistic graphite and charcoal drawings, Neville Barbour honors people such as the Fon amazons, the Tchamba veneration, and contempories alike.
“I was completely broke when I got out of school. Then I had a baby and I couldn’t afford ..."
Discover which contemporary realism artist was selected to paint a portrait of Representative Patsy Mink. "To create her portrait, I first ... "
"A complicating aspect of realist painting is that there is much that one does not or cannot know or see, yet which is immensely, obsessively interesting—and which is ultimately the whole point of painting."
Bringing drama into a wildlife painting is an attempt to help the viewer emotionally connect with the piece...
There is nothing wrong with remaining a hobbyist artist. However, the aspiring professional must ...
The next best thing to having someone to correct your mistakes is to self critique your art. Here are some pointers to help you judge your painting objectively.
In a good painting, love shines through like a star on a cold night. Unfortunately not everyone can see it, and therein lies the paradox.
Developing a glazes technique consisting in a superimposition of matte and transparent bricks to achieve the subtle quintessential texture Pauline is looking for in the artist's work.
Art competition - John Buxton, "Great Falls of the Passaic," oil, 56 x 35 in.; PleinAir Salon First Place Overall, January 2022

Wow, Wow, Wow!

How do you feel when you win in the PleinAir Salon art competition? "Just WOW WOW WOW." Here's one winner's inspiration and advice.

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