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How do you define success? Kate Van Doren: As an artist and art therapist, I define success by touching the lives of others in some way. If one person resonates with a story I paint, helps raise awareness or changes...
Whenever I begin a new painting with glass or metal objects, I start with a photograph. I do this because ...
For centuries, artists and scientists have been fascinated by the structures of the human body ...
To create the illusion that there is a sense of space and air using just pigment, canvas, and brush, an artist must truly understand this concept, as explained by Matt Ryder.
Meet this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador, self-taught artist Marichy Théo.
Michael Hlousek-Nagle is currently finding inspiration in the ancient world, in Greek and Roman art, culture, and literature.
"I like to paint people on their most fragile and vulnerable expression, focusing on a very natural and organic presence..."
Inspired by Sharp, Couse, Bouguereau, and Moran, Joshua LaRock expresses his wonder of the West by combining figurative art with the barren and peaceful desert landscape.
Juliette Aristides on painting "Split Screen," a quiet scene from her studio window at the Gage Academy of Art.
A feature article by David Kassan about "developing a state of mind, about being your own artist, about being who you are and bringing your own truths to your work, in the way that only you can."

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