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A look at the recent history of how artists have gotten by without starving, and why the future looks bright.
Classical portrait painter Eddie Filer joins Eric Rhoads for an episode of Art School Live. Watch as Filer explains how he starts an oil portrait painting, including ...
Contemporary realism artist Lenin Delsol shares how he created the portrait painting titled "Deandrea's Do."
Focusing on aspects of mindfulness that are particularly relevant to creative individuals, Watwood discusses overcoming blocks and dealing with emotional challenges to accomplishing work.
O'Neil Scott makes paintings that are hard to ignore. They pose pointed questions and challenge accepted societal norms relating to ...
Being an artist means a lifetime endeavor of constant striving and learning: "That is my drive, my obsession, and my torment."
Just hours before catching one of the last flights out before the lockdown, the artist put his brush down on the painting illustrated here.
The artists represented here are sustaining mankind’s timeless love of a unique creature that will — literally — never go out of style.
Consider these equations as a starting point to help answer what you want and need to understand as an artist.
We're back for our third annual Realism Live online art conference, hosted by Eric Rhoads and Peter Trippi, and featuring many of today's greatest artists in the field of contemporary realism.

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