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Representational artist Christina Szakonyi takes us behind the scenes of her equine painting, "Unbridled." Click through and ask yourself if you make any of these assumptions.
Meet this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador, Narelle Zeller.
Rose Frantzen creates figurative, serial, allegorical, and installation works in oil and multimedia. Listen to her recent podcast interview with Eric Rhoads, view a variety of her works, and learn about her exciting new projects here.
Contemporary realism paintings

High Kitsch?

The confusion around the word “kitsch” is common because its usage has been largely isolated to low-skilled productions, but it doesn't have to be associated with something negative. Luke Hillestad explains.
Congratulations to Carol Arnold, whose work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon.
Regarded as one of the foremost masters of figure drawing in America, Daniel Maidman has spent several decades grappling with the challenges and opportunities of drawing from life. Read his advice for drawing on toned paper in this guest blog post.
"Finding a clever connection between objects and observations can be exciting but it’s important to avoid the pitfall of letting the message overwhelm the mechanics." Katharine Krieg explains why the constant underlying job of any painter is to make a structurally sound painting with building blocks like balance, value, and good drawing.
For five years, three days a week, Bradley Stevens participated in a "daunting" program for artists that allowed him to study and copy Old Master works in prominent museums. Learn about his "Museum Studies" series here.
Pastel artist Emma Colbert is known for her realistic renditions animals such as dogs in "Dogged Determination."
Portrait painter Stanka Kordic on exploring the path of most resistance, and the lessons she has learned along the way.

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