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A PleinAir Salon winner explains her realistic self-portrait drawing, "Girl without a Pearl Earring."
With a head and heart full of ideas, this realism artist is looking forward to exploring new directions.
Anthony Waichulis addresses the nature of art and the potential impact of AI technology.
Congratulations to Megan Whitfield, whose work has been recognized in the monthly PleinAir Salon. Here, she shares her inspiration, challenges, and advice.
Don Demers is at the point in his career where he can explore the most subtle and meaningful approaches to marine art and more, having mastered ...
The artist is now focused on painting pictures that celebrate his heritage and address mistruths of black antiquity.
On figure painting > "The mind likes to play with matter, animals are informed without written language."  ~ Cesar Santos
Those of us who choose realism in painting walk a fine line between accepted symbolism and personal vision. It helps to understand the limitations of how we perceive and interpret the world around us.
From the beginning drawing to the final figure painting, see how one artist creates a realistic work of art in eight steps.
There is a lot of superb contemporary realism being made these days; this article by Allison Malafronte shines light on a gifted individual.

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