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"After I started my art journey, I was finally able to like all of these traits that made me who I am."
A dedicated artist shares what goes into a solo exhibition, including the work, the payoff, and the necessary evils.
Joseph Lorusso shares his philosophy, painting process, and insights on living as a professional artist; what will be your biggest takeaway from his advice?
What do you need to build the perfect studio? William A. Schneider (who is on the faculty of Pastel Live), gives us a tour of his incredible, custom-built space.
Scott Fraser address the challenges of being a realist painter trying to create something new and relevant in the 21st century.
Cuong Nguyen explains his method for creating realistic portrait and figure paintings.
How do you define contemporary realism?
Learn what inspires watercolor artist Birgit O'Connor, as well as the most common mistake she sees beginners make, the first thing they should invest in, and more.
What artists want to paint and what collectors wish to buy do not always look the same.
Limitation may be one of the strongest tools available for artists. By restricting your tools, you may find that your ideas are free to grow.

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