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Growing up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution led to dreams and memories that are the foundation of Victor Wang's mixed media portraits.
"For an artist it is very gratifying to discover and share the wonder and beauty that is present in everyday life." John Rowe takes us behind the scenes of three of his paintings.
Why do some artists get to a certain level and then stagnate, while others keep improving their entire lives? Here are three tips from William Schneider on how to continue to progress.
Olga Krimon takes us through her painting process of creating a dynamic composition in four steps.
When it comes to learning how to paint, one area where it’s especially important to get it right is with your brushes.
Congratulations to Alessandra Marrucchi, whose work has been recognized in the bi-monthly PleinAir Salon.
Have a look at the spring blooms your artistic peers created while self-isolating, and be inspired.
"Whether we are called kitsch, grotesque, dark, or low brow, narrative storytellers are painters searching for sentimentality...an honorable pursuit."
Why framing is a critical element of your final piece of art, and how it's perceived by the world at large.
Learn how colored pencil artist Jesse Lane uses lighting affects to create a highly emotional piece of art.

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