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Part studio, part museum, Michael Coleman has a collection of beloved and rare artifacts that inspire his paintings. Here, he takes on a private studio tour.
Oliver Sin, who has had two portraits featured on the cover of Time Magazine and who has worked for George Lucas, takes us through his portrait drawing process of a model named Juan.
Ann James Massey takes us through the process of creating a figurative painting that celebrates an annual Catholic tradition.
When I’m portraying a figure in a domestic scene I am drawn to a voyeuristic feel to the paintings, a solitary figure living their own story in the modern world, leaving it fairly ambiguous, so the viewer can draw their own conclusions and hopefully in some way relate to it.
An interview on using photo references, understanding one's art materials, color mixing, and more.
Manu Saluja shares her step-by-step process for creating a portrait of her friend, an art model who felt a personal connection to the symbolic African mask she holds.
A look at the history of portraiture, the process of doing a portrait commission, and the challenges you might face.
Learn what Susan Blackwood means when she refers to an artist MAP to make your paintings a success. 
With this round-up of winners from the Drawing category, you'll find inspiration and see what some of your peers in are doing these days.
While color can be a powerful tool for artists to communicate emotions and ideas, its complexity is often paralyzing.

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