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How does one thank the surgeon who saved her artistic talent from a spine injury? Watercolor artist Jennifer Hunter shares the life-changing experience that helped her overcome fears, regain control of her arms, and return to painting.
Massagrande bends the rules of perspective to introduce subtle distortions and exaggerations that heighten the psychological impact of these scenes.
How painting only for other painters you admire forces you to be more adventurous and ambitious than you may otherwise have been when working for a client or developing a series for a gallery.
With this free program, soon you’ll be creating beautiful paintings. Start with this guidebook that is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced painters.
Contemporary artist Daniel Sprick takes us on an intimate tour of his beautiful art studio in this exclusive video from Streamline Publishing. Watch as Daniel discusses natural lighting, the amount of space you need (it's probably less than you think), one of the "luxuries of getting older," and more. 
The figurative work of Alessandro Tomassetti is about what it means to be male. The Canadian-born Italian artist does not pull any punches in presenting the rarely exposed sides of masculinity: vulnerability, sensitivity, and intimacy. These softer characteristics conventionally associated with the female form are juxtaposed against the physical appearance of his sitters, who often appear quintessentially masculine: strong, strapping, self-assured.
In this interview, Gabriela Dellosso tells us about her winning painting that captures a moment in the French Revolution.
Fascinated with the beauty of birds in both life and death, this artist shares an essay on the "how" and "why" of her nature morte paintings.
As artists, our choice of paint brushes should be carefully considered and our care for them tailored toward extending their life for as long as possible — who wants to unnecessarily be buying replacement brushes because one didn't give them the proper care?
In this artist spotlight, Andrea Kemp explains how, for her, evolving as an artist brings new meaning to her figurative art, in creating a "wordless dialogue."

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