How to Paint in the Realism Style of Art

How to Paint in the Realism Style of Art > Discover advice on creating a successful composition, color rules you should break, and more.

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1. Adrienne Stein on Painting Composition

How do you create a complex painting composition? Stein explains in this article: “It takes risk to turn a good painting into a great painting.”

2. Three Factors for Painting the Human Body

What colors should you use when painting the figure? Anna Wypych shares her philosophy and methods in this free article.

3. Magnolia Still Life: A Realistic Watercolor Step-by-Step

See how a watercolor still life painting that includes leaves, crystal, and some unexpected challenges comes to fruition, step by step.

4. Painting Composition 101: Tips From Huihan Liu

What should artists do to get their message across to the viewer? Huihan Liu explains how simplifying a painting before developing the narrative may be your key to a successful composition.

5. Painting for Beginners: How to “Paint by Note”

Painting for Beginners: With this free program, soon you’ll be creating beautiful paintings. Start with this guidebook that is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced painters.

6. Step-by-Step Oil Portrait Painting Demo: “Skin Deep”

When Dutch artist Francien Krieg was intrigued especially by a woman’s white hair, she found a way to emphasize it in a 40 x 47-inch portrait painting, using perspective to make the head “monumental.” Here’s how.

7. Color “Rules” That Aren’t True

There are a number of “rules” about how color should be used that aren’t true—or aren’t always true. Todd Casey explains this, explains the term “local color,” and shares a bonus tip for mixing colors in this excerpt from his new book, “The Art of Still Life.”

8. Just One Thing: How to Paint for Beginners (and a Reminder for the Experienced Artist)

On How to Paint > “Feeling overwhelmed is not an exclusive state of mind reserved for only those new to painting,” says Johanne Mangi, who explains why you should use these painting basics, no matter what your experience level is.

9. Realism Art How-To: Brave New Worker

Australian realist painter Narelle Zeller shares her inspiration for “Brave New Worker,” and her step-by-step process for creating it.

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