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Painting for Beginners: With this free program, soon you’ll be creating beautiful paintings. Start with this guidebook that is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced painters.

“Paint by Note” from Eric Rhoads, Advice on Painting for Beginners

Painting does not have to be hard. I have a system to simplify learning to paint. My free guidebook on painting for beginners tells you how, step by step, including video lessons, materials lists, and resources. Painting for Beginners

I could not draw a stick figure.

I had zero talent.

I had no experience in painting.

Yet the painting below was my very first painting ever.

painting for beginners - Eric Rhoads first painting
The first painting by Eric Rhoads

Today my work is in art galleries and has been featured on TV worldwide.

In this guidebook, I’m going to teach you my system called Paint by Note™ — something I developed based on a lost system the Old Masters used for hundreds of years.

If you stick with me, even if you think you have no talent or ability, I can teach you how to do beautiful paintings and show you a simple path to develop yourself as an artist. It’s something that will bring you great pleasure and joy.

All you need is desire and to be willing to give it a try, even if you don’t yet believe you can do it. Click the button below to learn more about painting for beginners. Soon you’ll be creating beautiful paintings. Your friends and family will marvel over your paintings and say, “You did that? Wow!”

Link to video lesson 1: Painting is Like Music

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