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An alla prima still life painting by Cornelia Hernes

How to Paint an Alla Prima Still Life

An alla prima still life painting is one that was painted in one session. In this free article, watch Cornelia Hernes create a beautiful still life in seven steps.
How to fix a failed painting - pastel

How to Fix a Failed Painting

Jill Stefani Wagner walks us through her process of taking a pastel painting that didn't work out originally but still has potential and turning it into a work to be proud of.
How to start a portrait painting

How to Start a Portrait Painting

Watch as Eddie Filer explains how he starts an oil portrait painting, including the block-in stage, the brushes he uses, and ways of painting the head.
How to soften edges in a painting

How to Paint a Portrait: 8 Step Demo with Stan Miller

See a demo on how to paint a portrait with Stan Miller, who presented this workshop during the 3rd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference.
Eric Rhoads - Eddie Filer 120622

Head and Shoulders: How to Start a Portrait

Classical portrait painter Eddie Filer joins Eric Rhoads for an episode of Art School Live. Watch as Filer explains how he starts an oil portrait painting, including ...
Julio Reyes, "Sparrow," 2011, oil on copper, 10 x 8 inches

How to Paint on Copper: Materials and Methods for Artists

Working on copper can provide a rewarding new experience, add a distinctive look to a painting, and expand your repertoire. Here's how to do it.
how to self critique paintings Robert Moore cows scale

10 Suggestions on How to Self Critique Your Art

The next best thing to having someone to correct your mistakes is to self critique your art. Here are some pointers to help you judge your painting objectively.
how to sketch realistic eyes 120621a

How to Sketch Realistic Eyes

In this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso shares a demonstration on how to sketch realistic eyes. Don't miss it!
How to paint realistic portraits

How to Paint Realistic Portraits

Now you can easily learn to paint beautiful portraits and create gorgeous works of art that you can proudly display or sell.
How to paint realistic fur - Painting by Johanne Mangi

How to Paint Realistic Fur

In this video broadcast with Eric Rhoads, you’ll see the amazing Johanne Mangi bring beautiful dogs to her canvas.

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