"Self Portrait in Isolation" by Calvin Lai

In this free demo on how to paint hands, Art School Live guest host Cindy Baron interviews figurative and portrait painter Calvin Lai.

“Today I’m going to demonstrate an easier way of rendering hands – or at least, a way of rendering hands that I feel is a little more understandable besides rendering each detail painstakingly out,” Calvin says. “The hand is very complicated; there are 27 bones in it … fingers and joints, and a lot of times it’s very confusing for people when they draw or paint it.”

How to paint hands
From Calvin’s video demo on how to render hands in a painting (watch below)

How to Paint Hands: Watch this episode of Art School Live here >

The above is part of a series featuring a leader in the art community who has joined us on the faculty of Realism Live, an annual virtual art conference.

Calvin Lai's portrait painting demo at Realism Live 2023
Calvin Lai’s portrait painting demo at Realism Live 2023
"Outside the Box" by Calvin Lai
“Outside the Box” by Calvin Lai

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