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How to paint horses - Johanne Mangi - RealismToday.com

On Painting Horses

Professional artist, instructor, animal lover, and horse owner/trainer, Johanne Mangi shares inspiration on how to paint horses.
Mary Whyte - Figurative Art Convention & Expo - RealismToday.com

Plan Now to Learn From Mary Whyte in Person

Save the date so you can learn from the one and only Mary Whyte, and get expert advice on how to get the most out of an art event.
Brushwork oil painting - RealismToday.com

Brushwork and the Breath

In this guest blog post, Katie Swatland shares a painting demonstration that illustrates how to use brushwork to capture the energetic signature of your subject, as well as brushwork exercises to unlock more possibilities for your art.
Is cadmium paint toxic?

Is Cadmium Paint Toxic?

Is cadmium paint toxic? Cadmium-based colors have been around for many years but tend to be among the most often in question. Artist and instructor Dan Schultz has researched this; here, he shares what he found regarding the toxicity of cadmium in artist paints. Bonus: Learn how to dispose of your dirty brush-cleaning water or solvent with this quick tip.
Impressionistic figure painting - Daniel Gerhartz - RealismToday.com

The Pursuit of Light | Paint Figurative Art Like the Masters

Daniel Gerhartz shares figurative art that illustrates how to assess your subject in order to most accurately relay the correct values and edges.
What is cold wax medium

What Is Cold Wax Medium?

If you’re experiencing a creative block, consider giving cold wax medium a try. Here, Randall Graham shares some basic techniques for beginners. Bonus: Watch a video on how to use cold wax!
How to draw with silverpoint - ArtistsOnArt.com

7 Secrets of Silverpoint

Learning how to draw with silverpoint is easier than you think, once you have this advice.
Daniel Sprick, "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," 2016, oil on canvas, 80 x 144 in., private collection

Contemporary Realism and Discovering New Harmonies

“I’ve already done enough paintings for one lifetime," says Daniel Sprick, "but the reason I continue is that I think there’s some undiscovered territory. I want to find it. Find it or die trying.”
Art inspiration - narrative art figurative painting

Journey Into the Heart: Art Inspiration

How can you finally "arrive" at your destination of being a real artist? Here are some steps you should take.
Art competitions - Plein Air Salon floral winner by Kathy Anderson

Painting Flowers, Blooms, and Blossoms

Kathy Anderson is known for her love of painting flowers. We asked her to share her inspiration for "Spring with Apple Blossoms."

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