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figure painting demo - George van Hook

Art Demo: How to Paint a Figure in a Garden Scene

In this exclusive video interview with Eric Rhoads, George Van Hook shares a figure painting demonstration based on a work he created using an art model in a garden.
A still from Mandy's still life demo of how to paint roses

How to Paint a Still Life in an Hour

In this interview with Eric Rhoads, artist and educator Mandy Theis walks us through her steps for painting a beautiful still life in just an hour. Watch or follow along!
How to Create the Perfect Art Studio

How to Create the Perfect Art Studio

What do you need to build the perfect studio? William A. Schneider (who is on the faculty of Pastel Live), gives us a tour of his incredible, custom-built space.
Realism Today

How to Paint in the Realism Style of Art

How to Paint in the Realism Style of Art > Discover advice on creating a successful composition, color rules you should break, and more. Accelerate your art by studying from the finest artists in the...
Drawing portraits - RealismToday.com

How to Draw with Charcoal: A Medium With Mystical Gravity

Charcoal is a drawing medium that allows you to, in essence, deal with the extremes of creation, of a most ancient and elemental contrast.
Patricia Watwood working on a posthumous portrait of Jack Benny

How to Create a Vibrant Posthumous Portrait

Consider these points when someone wants you to paint a loved one who has passed, and learn how to make the most of your resources.
Photo of paint brushes for artists

Painting for Beginners: How to “Paint by Note”

With this free program, soon you’ll be creating beautiful paintings. Start with this guidebook that is beneficial for beginners as well as advanced painters.
Just One Thing: How to Paint for Beginners (and a Reminder for the Experienced Artist)

Just One Thing: How to Paint for Beginners (and a Reminder for the Experienced...

"Feeling overwhelmed is not an exclusive state of mind reserved for only those new to painting," says Johanne Mangi, who explains why you should use these painting basics, no matter what your experience level is.
Figurative art oil paintings how-to

How to Design A Painting Composition

Through careful development of design, Zhaoming Wu takes the subject to a higher level and develops the conversion from idea to visual usability.
Painting flowers - free demo

Watch: How to Paint Flowers in the Studio

If you love painting flowers and want to improve your still life art, don’t miss this broadcast with the amazing Kathy Anderson.

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