A still from Mandy's still life demo of how to paint roses
A still from Mandy's still life demo of how to paint roses

In this interview with Eric Rhoads, artist and educator Mandy Theis walks us through her steps for painting a beautiful still life in just an hour. Watch the first time, then follow along!

During the live painting demo, Eric and Mandy discuss art education, how school teachers learn, composition, and more, all as Mandy paints a setup of roses. Mandy is the force behind a national initiative to get school teachers interested in elevating the level of art they’re teaching.

“The way I approach my drawing and my painting is by taking big pieces of information and breaking it down into smaller, easier to understand chunks,” Mandy says. “No matter whether you’re an experienced painter or this is your first time ever watching a painting demo, you can have an idea of what’s going on in the painting and what the thought process is as it’s happening.”

Watch and learn how to create the basic shapes in your still life painting, how to check your work as you go, and more:


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