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Still Life Painting

Discover representational still life paintings (including advice for painting) through interviews and features on contemporary artists.

"I have come to learn that light itself is beautiful and seems to impart beauty to all it bathes, even to subjects that most might consider unsightly."
Currently, before going to its new home, the piece is on display in ...
"As with life and art in general, an approach filled with intent is at the heart of still life painting."
Still life painting gives you an opportunity to learn, and time to observe, study, and explore ...
I decided to paint a series of pastel still lifes showcasing some carefully chosen items from my late mum's old wooden sewing box as a way of ...
Bethann Moran-Handzlik reflects on her inspiration of painting pairs of floral arrangements.
Watch: Susan Blackwood takes a painting that started en plein air and shares her concepts to make it an even more powerful work of art once in the studio.
Part studio, part museum, Michael Coleman has a collection of beloved and rare artifacts that inspire his paintings. Here, he takes on a private studio tour.
An interview on using photo references, understanding one's art materials, color mixing, and more.
Whenever I begin a new painting with glass or metal objects, I start with a photograph. I do this because ...

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