Realism Art - Ofelia Andrades (b. 1982), "Alegoria VI," 2020, oil on linen, 55 x 67 in., available through the artist
Ofelia Andrades (b. 1982), "Alegoria VI," 2020, oil on linen, 55 x 67 in., available through the artist

There is a lot of superb contemporary realism being made these days; this article by Allison Malafronte shines light on a gifted individual.

Ofelia Andrades (b. 1982) is a Chilean artist who is gaining ever more recognition throughout the field of contemporary realism. Her large, complex compositions are painted with classical precision and technique, and often employ chiaroscuro effects for increased drama. Velázquez, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt are the types of masters who have clearly been an influence on this painter’s approach.

Andrades’s inclination toward art was evident from childhood. She attended workshops from an early age, learning various approaches to both drawing and painting. Her formal training began at the Experimental Art School, where she earned a technical degree in painting and graphic design. Next, she attended the University of Chile, where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts. A two-year stay in London found Andrades refining her skills and expanding her education further, and when she returned to Chile in 2014, she continued painting and teaching there.

Andrades pursues allegory and symbolism in her multi-figure compositions, often communicating messages with psychological and philosophical overtones. “The world of representation has always been fascinating to me,” she says. “Oftentimes I imagine what it’s like to be inside the painting, to become one with the painting. Therefore, I am usually in the composition as one of the subjects; it’s generally autobiographical. I especially like to explore the world of symbolism around the feminine, as well as the psyche itself, the stages of life, and the drama of light and shadow in the psychological process. I like scenes that are suggestive and open, with an atmosphere charged with reverie, where reality and fiction are mixed and limits are lost. ‘Alegoria VI’ is one such painting.”

Andrades has exhibited throughout the world, including major museums and galleries, and has received several awards. Her paintings are in private and public collections, and she currently works in both Santiago (Chile) and Mexico City.

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This article was originally published in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine (subscribe here).


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