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Be inspired by the paintings and drawings from some of the world’s best working artists with these guest blog posts, artist interviews, exhibition news, and more.

Oil painting of a man - figurative art


"By examining my own world and people closest to me on a daily basis, my paintings have begun to reflect the current season of my life."
When a memorial dog portrait by James Thomas brought the dog's owners to tears, he saw how powerful his tributes could be. Since then, he ...
In her illustrative storytelling, Morgan Irons often maintains a mystery that holds viewers’ interest and invites them to ...
"My life feels like a visual treasure hunt.." Contemporary painter Nancy Boren shares her inspiration and process for painting “Fairy Dust on the Breeze.”
From oil to pastel to watercolor, Mario Robinson explains how his body of work (in media and in subject) could be likened to the acts of a play: rising action, climax, and resolution.
Today we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the figurative works of contemporary artist Rose Frantzen, including her trompe l'oeil paintings.
Congratulations to Karon Tucker, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon. "Not all animals have dramatic stories of survival but, they all have their own personalities and stories to tell. When I paint, I want to convey that soul that lies behind those eyes I’m peering through."
William Blake is “obsessed” with America’s Civil War and has made a life, and a living, re-enacting and memorializing its events. Here's how, and why.
Nanette Fluhr's portrait paintings have a personal touch that transcends the artist/model relationship, inviting the viewer to feel a similar sense of connection within her works. In this Q&A with Daniel Maidman, she explains how.
"From my earliest interest in art, the human figure and face were prominent subjects for my work. Even as my style, scale, and mediums varied over time, I was consistently drawn to the figure for inspiration. I was therefore disoriented and nervous when, seemingly on their own, the figures that had long populated my paintings disappeared."

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