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Be inspired by the paintings and drawings from some of the world’s best working artists with these guest blog posts, artist interviews, exhibition news, and more.

Read about the artist behind "Blush Arrangement," a scene of pillowy pink flowers at various stages of life, brushed by the loveliest touches of light.
The English artist and author David Poxon rejoices in the fact that Britain brought watercolors to global attention as a fine art during the 18th century...
I create oil on canvas portraits and figurative paintings that focus on redefining stereotypes placed on black bodies within society. These stereotypes include black people being associated with ...
This spotlight features a leader in the art community who will be joining us on the faculty of Pastel Live this September. Daud Akhriev was born in the former Soviet Union in 1959. He studied classical painting and drawing for 14 years...
“My work resonates with people who are attracted to the authentic and uncompromising energy of New York City — people who aspire to belong.”
While devoted to plein air painting, the artist also often works in the studio where she refines or reworks the sketches made in plein air...
"Inspiration finds me when I show up. I tell my students, I’m not inspired to paint, painting inspires me! Show up and do the work."
Today, enjoy these nine realistic drawings of people, places, and, for good measure, a puppy. Let them inspire you to explore new subjects and perspectives.
Lana Ballot draws endless pastel painting inspiration from the beaches near her studio, creating stunning pieces that reflect the subtle colors of the grasses and the translucency of the water.
The 5th Annual Plein Air Live came to an end Friday, March 8th, wrapping up with some of today’s best landscape painters sharing all of their secrets, explaining their materials, methods, and more, with a focus on painting en plein air.

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