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Be inspired by the paintings and drawings from some of the world’s best working artists with these guest blog posts, artist interviews, exhibition news, and more.

Highlights from Day 1 of Realism Live, taking place now through Saturday, November 11 with painting demonstrations and more!
Realism Live sessions with Glenn Vilppu, Victoria Herrera, Philip Koch, Pat Fiorello, Stephen Bauman, and Paul Kratter, hosted by Eric Rhoads and Peter Trippi.
Here's a peek at what of your fellow contemporary artists had to say about their favorite art advice. Bonus: Use the comment section to share yours!
Although Beck depicts multiple subjects — portraits, figures, animals, and still lifes — her approach to painting still lifes is unique.
Historical painter Todd Price shares what he’s learned about painting realistic scenes in oil to help you get to "that spiritual place where you start to fall inside the work."
"From this epiphanic life-or-death pill, I made the best decision of my life. It was like going through life from black and white to color.”
Free Artist Event: Watch the upcoming "Women in Art Roundtable," happening October 19, 2023, online at ...
When you’ve been painting as long as John Pototschnik, you come across common mistakes that less experienced painters are prone to make. Here, John shares what those mistakes are, and how to fix them so you can improve your art, starting now.
This competition is not just an event in itself, but the beginning of an exciting ongoing artistic journey.
The paintings and drawings of Cesar Santos appear simultaneously familiar, evoking the aesthetics of the Old Masters, and unrecognizable, comprised of intangible forms that appear to shift and coalesce throughout each composition.

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