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Bringing drama into a wildlife painting is an attempt to help the viewer emotionally connect with the piece...
There is nothing wrong with remaining a hobbyist artist. However, the aspiring professional must ...
Developing a glazes technique consisting in a superimposition of matte and transparent bricks to achieve the subtle quintessential texture Pauline is looking for in the artist's work.
Art competition - John Buxton, "Great Falls of the Passaic," oil, 56 x 35 in.; PleinAir Salon First Place Overall, January 2022

Wow, Wow, Wow!

How do you feel when you win in the PleinAir Salon art competition? "Just WOW WOW WOW." Here's one winner's inspiration and advice.
"Bec, the protagonist ... is a young woman owning her sexuality and strength."
"Painting this dwelling was a form of worship," said Mario Robinson. "This building served free African Americans on the island of ..."
What is the most interesting thing you have painted/sculpted and why? Shawn Michael Warren: I would have to say that my allegory, “In a Promised Land” stands as the most interesting subject I’ve covered. It was the first time I...
A feature on Sherrie McGraw and the wonderful synthesis of figurative realism and abstract realism.
When I’m portraying a figure in a domestic scene I am drawn to a voyeuristic feel to the paintings, a solitary figure living their own story in the modern world, leaving it fairly ambiguous, so the viewer can draw their own conclusions and hopefully in some way relate to it.
How do you define success? Kate Van Doren: As an artist and art therapist, I define success by touching the lives of others in some way. If one person resonates with a story I paint, helps raise awareness or changes...

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