Still Life Painting

Discover representational still life paintings (including advice for painting) through interviews and features on contemporary artists.

To create the illusion that there is a sense of space and air using just pigment, canvas, and brush, an artist must truly understand this concept, as explained by Matt Ryder.
Juliette Aristides on painting "Split Screen," a quiet scene from her studio window at the Gage Academy of Art.
In Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, pastel artist Vera Kavura can be found painting her favorite subject: flowers, which she describes as “natural, beautiful, and diverse.”
How a still life commission led to a gratifying collaboration between artist and collector.
Kathy Anderson is known for her love of painting flowers. We asked her to share her inspiration for "Spring with Apple Blossoms."
Still life painter Stephanie Birdsall, who is on the faculty of Pastel Live (August 2021), gives you an in-depth look into her fascinating journey to artistic success in this interview with Eric Rhoads.
In this interview with Eric Rhoads, artist and educator Mandy Theis walks us through her steps for painting a beautiful still life in just an hour. Watch or follow along!
Scott Fraser address the challenges of being a realist painter trying to create something new and relevant in the 21st century.
Birgit O'Connor (on the faculty for Watercolor Live) shares the most common mistake she sees beginners make, the first thing they should invest in, and more.
"Standing before a painting can become more like stepping outside and looking up at the sky at night," says Paul Rosiak, "as your eyes slowly acclimate, a world emerges."

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