Classical Painting - “Split Screen” (oil on panel, 26 x 32 in.) by Juliette Aristides
“Split Screen” (oil on panel, 26 x 32 in.) by Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides is one of the world’s leading experts in the “lost art” of the classical painting style — a technique that captures the purity and deep emotion within the human form like no other can.

On “Split Screen”

“This is a painting of my studio window at Gage Academy of Art, where I have spent so many hours and years of my life,” Juliette said. “At the start of the pandemic we sheltered in place while schools, churches, and museums sat empty. Eventually I went back to school to paint in the building – alone.

“At first it was eerie and disturbing but I was grateful to leave my house and have somewhere to go. I was disciplined about painting and the routine helped me through the summer. This studio is about one mile from the location of the CHAZ, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. It felt like being in the eye of a storm.”

A scene from Juliette's "Secrets to Classical Painting" video workshop
A scene from Juliette’s “Secrets to Classical Painting” video workshop

Juliette has more than 25 years of art experience and is the director of the Aristides Classical Atelier at the prestigious Gage Academy of Art in Seattle. She is the author of four books, and her artwork is featured in galleries across the country.

Classical Painting How-To

Now you can learn how to create a beautiful classical figure painting in the style of the Old Masters, with Juliette’s PaintTube.TV workshop, “Secrets of Classical Painting.”

Preview “Secrets of Classical Painting” here:


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