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Oil Painting Techniques: How to Prep Your Own Oils

Oil Painting Techniques: How to Prep Your Own Oils

"By making your own paints, not only do you save money, but you also gain full control over the ingredients and quality of the paint." Patrick McGrath explains.
Painting portraits - William Nathans - RealismToday.com

Painting Portraits: How to Connect with Your Model

Artist William Nathans takes us behind the scenes of his process for painting portraits from life.
How to get into an art gallery - ArtistsOnArt.com

Pro Advice on How to Get Into an Art Gallery

There are many ways to sell your art; see why (and how) you should look into getting represented by a gallery. There are a lot of important pieces to this; the first and most important thing is ...
How to draw surreal art

How to Draw: From an Idea, To a Sketch, To a Work of Art

Grace Aldrich takes us behind the scenes of the creation of her drawing “Elements of Style.” View sketches, learn what art supplies she used, and find out the unconventional way she checked her progress.
Contemporary realism narrative paintings

On Realism and Raising the Bar

"My real art education was formed and continues to this day through careful observation and learning how to see." From "preposterous" art methods in the 1980s to glorious days of studying with masters, Garin Baker shares his inspiring path as an artist.
Contemporary realism - RealismToday.com

The Science and Magic of Painting

“When one decides to dispense with the idea that becoming a painter involves some mysticism, real progress can be made,” says Tim Rees. “My painting career began with one assumption: There are very skilled artists painting realism, and if they learned how to do it, so can I.”
Advice for Artists - Ryan Brown - RealismToday.com

What It Takes to Become a Professional Artist

Ryan Brown shares advice on how to give yourself the best chance to succeed and become an expert at what you do.
How to paint waves - Ted Minoff - RealismToday.com

Painting Waves: How One Artist Puts the Pieces Together

Edward “Ted” Minoff explains how to paint waves by breaking the subject down into various components, including how to paint water that's in motion.
How to paint with oil - RealismToday.com

3 Ways to Achieve Excellence in Art

Why do some artists get to a certain level and then stagnate, while others keep improving their entire lives? Here are three tips from William Schneider on how to continue to progress.
Brushes for oil painting - Laurel Daniel - RealismToday.com

Do You Have These Four Crucial Paint Brushes?

When it comes to learning how to paint, one area where it’s especially important to get it right is with your brushes.

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