A scene from Gwenneth's free demo on how to paint hair
A scene from Gwenneth's free demo on how to paint hair

On how to paint hair > Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring Gwenneth Barth-White!

In this free lesson, Gwenneth shares a strategy for dealing with hair when painting a portrait of someone in sunlight.

Portrait paintings by Gwenneth Barth-White
Portrait paintings by Gwenneth Barth-White
How to paint hair - Portrait paintings by Gwenneth Barth-White
Portrait painting by Gwenneth Barth-White

Watch “Gwenneth Barth-White – Painting the Texture of Hair” here:


American-born Swiss international artist Gwenneth Barth-White is a Maître Pastelliste and Vice-President of the 150-year-old Société des Pastellistes de France; she’s a Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America, a member of the IAPS Master Circle, and has been a juror for all of these societies. Her work has been exhibited in Geneva, Gstaad, New York, Toronto, Paris, and in many French and American venues.

Gwenneth has lived and worked most of her life in Geneva, Switzerland, having moved there when she was a child. After advanced music studies, she attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts and graduated from the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs.

How to paint portraits in pastel
From Gwenneth’s “Portrait in Pastel” art video workshop

In the “Portrait in Pastel” art video workshop, learn the secrets of classical portraiture shared by master portraitist Gwenneth Barth-White, whose many important commissions include royalty and government ministers.

In this instructive DVD, Gwenneth demonstrates her mastery of the classical pastel portrait from life and, sharing many useful tips and insights along the way, leads you through eight absorbing chapters to the finished portrait.

Recommended by the French Pastellists’ Society and the Portrait Society of Canada, this step-by-step how-to DVD is a must for both novices and experienced artists.

As one student commented, “I’ve learned more from this DVD than from years of art classes.” LEARN MORE


  1. I was a bit confused. I was under the impression that this would be painting hair in oil paint. I suppose that is my pretense. As far as Ms Barth- Whites interest in emphasizing texture, since her medium of choice is dry pastel, texture is the nature of the medium as it stands. One simply does not blend. The “light over dark” comment relative to oil pigment, simply is not true. I wont go into it. But light over dark is precisely how one must paint using oil media. Really nice video. Lovely use of color and color relationships. Pastel is as close to pure pigment one can get due to minimal use of binder. Very talented. Thank you. I am from the city of Lomita in California.

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