How to Create 3D Illusions in Your Art

Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on Art School Live as he gives you free art instruction in oil painting 3D illusions in your art with Ali Ghassan of the REAL Academy of Art Colorado (RAAC).

“This experience was particularly meaningful to me as it reflected the foundational principles of our academy,” said Ali. “Inspired by my studies at both the Florence Academy and the St. Petersburg Academy, I founded RAAC with a vision to merge the best of both worlds. Our teaching methodology at RAAC is a unique blend of Italian and Russian styles, aimed at nurturing artists who not only create stunning art but also succeed in the art market.

“During the session, I showcased a snippet of our proprietary curriculum, which is a testament to our commitment to teaching like the Old Masters. This fusion of methodologies isn’t just an educational strategy; it’s a belief in the value and beauty that arises when these two powerful art forms are combined.”

“Our approach at RAAC is distinctive,” Ali continued, “and I am proud to say that it continues to guide our artists towards producing and selling exceptional artwork. This demonstration was just one example of the innovative and effective ways we are cultivating artistic excellence.”

Additional Paintings by Ali Ghassan

Ali Ghassan, "Fugitive Horse," 2008, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm
Ali Ghassan, “Fugitive Horse,” 2008, oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Portrait painting by Ali Ghasson

realistic painting of a man on a horse - by Ali Ghasson

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