Portrait painting by Tori Cole
by Tori Cole

The Salmagundi Club Library is presenting an exhibition of contemporary realist portraiture featuring an alluring array of paintings, drawings, and sculptures from over 20 renowned fine artists.

Dates: Through May 31, 2024
Curated by: Artist Michael Fetherston, Club Member & GCA Alum

portrait painting by Lorenzo Narciso
by Lorenzo Narciso

Curated by artist Michael Fetherston, the show brings together a variety of aesthetic visions to one of the oldest and most celebrated genres of art.

“Throughout history, from Da Vinci to Sargent, it’s the portrait paintings that seem to fascinate us the most,” comments Fetherston. “While the term ‘windows to the soul’ may be a cliche, there is something in the human eye that transcends the mere physical. Portrait artists are called upon to express something beyond light and form and strive to engage with humanity itself.”

Art connoisseurs will recognize various influences such as the meticulous form turning of the early Renaissance, 19th-century academic, as well as the luminous color harmonies of the Boston school of impressionism.

portrait painting by Kathryn Engberg
by Kathryn Engberg

“I’m so honored to be part of this amazing group show as it is showcasing many artists with the common goal of working from life,” said Jessica Artman. “These artists are consistent in their practice, always in pursuit of a visual truth that only the study of nature can bring. Each artist’s interpretation of their sitter has a kind of sensitivity, that I think, both questions and answers our call to understanding ‘beauty’.”

Find more details on the Salmagundi Club website.


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