Figurative Art

Discover figurative art guidance and inspiration from master artists who share their experience and advice on drawing and painting portraits, self-portraits, and the figure.

Congratulations to Megan Whitfield, whose work has been recognized in the monthly PleinAir Salon. Here, she shares her inspiration, challenges, and advice.
On figure painting > "The mind likes to play with matter, animals are informed without written language."  ~ Cesar Santos
From the beginning drawing to the final figure painting, see how one artist creates a realistic work of art in eight steps.
"A drawing will never be exactly like the subject, and it doesn’t need to be. It is a drawing, after all, with feelings perhaps!" ~ Oliver Sin
One of the benefits of entering the PleinAir Salon is the it can put your drawings of people (such as these) in front of the world. Be inspired here.
See a demo on how to paint a portrait with Stan Miller, who presented this workshop during the 3rd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference.
The more I’m burdened with the technical aspects of painting, the less I see. So before I lay my first brushstroke, I have to ...
Insights on painting portrait commissions, including what makes the difference between a good portrait and a great portrait.
Artist Patricia Guzmán's intimate watercolor portraits place the viewer at the center of an intense dialogue in which the artist gives voice to the human condition.
Fine Art Connoisseur presents “Expressive Gesture Drawing with Oliver Sin," a live, two-hour demonstration hosted by Peter Trippi.

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