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Emilie Fantuz is an American-Canadian artist known for her large-scale paintings depicting reflections and nocturnal urban landscapes. Her palette knife paintings combine technical elements of hyperrealism with an abstracted stylization that is distinctly her own.
Among other genres, Shana Wilson’s legacy project is portraits of inspirational women from all walks of life, inclusive of all cultures and orientations. The subjects have one thing in common: the ability to inspire and create social change.
Meet this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador, self-taught artist Marichy Théo.
"I like to paint people on their most fragile and vulnerable expression, focusing on a very natural and organic presence..."
My dad wondered why I wanted to draw him, with all his wrinkles, etc. because his face tells a story, and I know that story.
"Girls' dreams are like little hummingbirds; here she is, and here she is not here."
"For the past couple of years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom and artist, and daily painter," she said. "My artwork reflects my education in plants as well as portraits and surrealism."
Jorquera  is a realism painter, portrait, and still life lover who specializes in oil and acrylic paintings.
Kasyan's paintings are characterized by his level of sensitivity and his refined approach in tone and color selection which breathe life into them.
Meet this week’s top Realism Today Ambassador, Yvonne Melchers, who dedicated herself to painting at 49 after recovering from a life-threatening illness.

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