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Figure Drawing: How to draw hands - RealismToday.com

Drawing the Figure: Heads, Hands, and Feet

Drawing heads, hands, and feet often intimidates new artists. In this excerpt from “Figure Drawing Atelier,” Juliette Aristides shares sketches that will help you both simplify the process and inspire you to practice.
Portrait Drawing Advice - RealismToday.com

Watch: Expert Portrait Drawing Tip

In this four-minute video, artist Joshua LaRock shares some of his advice for drawing portraits with a model.
Step-by-Step Portrait Drawing: The Power of Line and Light

Step-by-Step Portrait Drawing: The Power of Line and Light

One line, narrowing from thick to thin, can control the weight, movement, and emotion within a composition. See how in this step-by-step portrait drawing demonstration from Jeremy Caniglia.
Figurative art and portraits - ArtistsOnArt.com

Drawing Portraits and the Challenge of Sanguine Chalk

A Figurative Art Convention & Expo scholarship recipient shares her work, her personal path through drawing portraits, and more, in this exclusive Q&A.
Drawing and anatomy

Figure Drawing Basics: Dan Thompson on Drawing Cadavers

“While cadavers lack the characteristic of gesture, there is a nearly fantastical appreciation of the form sense, layer by layer,” Thompson says. “The study of the threading and composition of human form is an inexhaustible source of learning.”
Drawing with charcoal - ArtistsOnArt.com

Pushing Shadows to Create Drama: Charcoal Figure Drawings

View charcoal figure drawings by Stephanie Amato, whose work is strong in both concept and design.
Plein Air Salon - Ming Luke painting of a cat

Painting of the Week: “My Friend’s Cat”

Congratulations to Ming Luke, whose work has been recognized in the monthly Plein Air Salon.
Contemporary Realism - Karen Offutt, "Taking It All In," 10 x 10 inches, Oil on canvas

Evolving Art: The Impression of Realism

Karen Offutt shares why - and how - her artistic style has evolved over the years, including what it was like to take time off from painting.
How to paint with watercolor - free lesson with Stewart White

Avoid Mistakes with These Simple Watercolor Techniques

Join art publisher Eric Rhoads as he interviews American impressionist painter Stewart White for this free demonstration!
Realistic wildlife portraits

A Driving Force: Realistic Wildlife Portraits

How and why Ester Curini is focused on using art to raise awareness for critically endangered and threatened predators.

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