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Art advice - Zac Elletson - ArtistsOnArt.com

To Share or Not to Share

A few years ago I experienced my first small amount of exposure. It did a lot of great things for me and I’m glad it happened, but I learned I wasn’t ready to jump on that opportunity. After that I didn’t share any new work for a while, and I’m glad I didn’t. Here’s why.
Art sculptures by Mark Yale Harris - ArtistsOnArt.com

Embrace These Qualities to Be Successful in Art

Q&A: How Mark Yale Harris reinvented himself through sculpture
Oil painting demonstration by Sadie Valeri - ArtistsOnArt.com

Vapors: An Interpretation of Bouguereau’s Nyphaeum

Recently invited to participate in a project with American Women Artists and the Haggin Museum, Sadie Valeri chose William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s painting of 13 nude nymphs titled “Nyphaeum,” to be her muse for “Vapors.” See her detailed oil painting demonstration of “Vapors” here.
Pastel paintings by Sharon Pomales Tousey - RealismToday.com

An Incomprehensible Situation

Contemporary realist Sharon Pomales Tousey takes us into the meaning behind her recent pastel, “Aun Llueve en Macondo” (“It Still Rains in Macondo”), and offers her best advice for artists who are just starting to embark on their own journey.
Still life drawings and paintings - ArtistsOnArt.com

Still Life with Prison Bars

Treacy Ziegler tells us what it’s like to bring her love of still life drawings to a maximum-security prison, including the one thing she admitted (and the prisoners agreed) was a “stupid thing to say.”
Antonio Mancini and the graticola

Mancini’s Graticola

Learn about a device called the "graticola," which Italian artist Antonio Mancini came to rely on for his drawings and paintings.
2018 Art Scholarships - Figurative Art Convention & Expo

Scholarship Opportunity for Artists

Learn how you (or someone you know) can earn a full scholarship to an upcoming convention featuring master artists in Williamsburg, Virginia.
Oil painting demonstration - Noah Layne - RealismToday.com

Lemons in Box: An Oil Painting Demo

Oil painting is "like a puzzle," says Noah Layne. "The more parts we get in the right place, the easier it is to put the other parts in their right places.” See his step-by-step overview here.

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