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"Troubled Waters" drawing in progress

How My Narrative Art Addresses Racism and More

The narrative art by Shawn Michael Warren brings attention and awareness to events and individuals that have affected and shaped cultures and civilizations throughout the world.
contemporary realism portrait painting

Rhythmic Narratives in Contemporary Realism

"While my formal approach to painting and drawing is rooted in observing nature, I find great joy in exploring imaginary elements as they are a source of endless possibilities."
Realism Today

Narrative Art

What is narrative art? It's a genre in which the artist is telling a story, typically using figures (such as in David Tanner's paintings of athletes). Browse the following free articles for inspiration and...
Inside the studio of figurative artist Conor Walton

Narrative Paintings That Reflect The Strange and Dysfunctional

Conor Walton discusses three of his narrative paintings. He says, "All my paintings are attempted answers to the three questions in the title of Gauguin’s famous painting: ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?’"
Narrative art - Kelly Houghton - RealismToday.com

Narrative Art: What Eyes See Aright

"I have a genuine enthusiasm for the awkward, strange, and oddly interesting things I experience in life," says Kelly Houghton. "In particular, I am drawn to anything and anyone with character. Observing people offers up an endless carnival of inspiration."
Figurative art - David Tanner - RealismToday.com

How I Create Narrative Paintings With Athletes and Dancers as Models

From the model’s clothing to the background setting, learn how David Tanner uses various elements to create an engaging narrative painting.
Narrative paintings - Steven Assael - RealismToday.com

The Narrative Paintings of Steven Assael

Using pencil, ink, charcoal, or crayon on paper, Assael could easily draw any sitter into classicized perfection, but he has more interesting plans.
Contemporary realism Artist Dina Brodsky art studio

Dina Brodsky: Finding Your Way

It was a terrifying thing, this freedom to paint anything, and my first reaction to this freedom was to ...
realist painting - David Baker, "Jetsam," 28 x 46 inches, Oil on linen

On Realist Painting: Beyond Observation

"A complicating aspect of realist painting is that there is much that one does not or cannot know or see, yet which is immensely, obsessively interesting—and which is ultimately the whole point of painting."
Still life painting in a pair

The Pleasure of a Pair

Bethann Moran-Handzlik reflects on her inspiration of painting pairs of floral arrangements.

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