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Realism portrait of a child
If, for Lisa Egeli, portraiture is "an art form that gets right to people's hearts," equally fundamental is the consideration of naturalistic landscape art. (Learn from Egeli at Realism Live, November 10-12, with a Beginner's Day on November 9.)
Inspiration from numerous old plein air studies from a trip to Alberta, Canada, 30 x 40 inches
Alex Dzigurski II shares four of his recent landscape paintings and the inspiration behind them.
Holiday gift ideas for artists
ICYMI! If you're looking for gift ideas for artists (including yourself), start here with the annual holiday gift guide from PleinAir Magazine.
Painting portraits - Glenn Harrington, “Benjamin,” 2021, 11 x 14 in.
Most of us can polish a portrait, but is it honest? Does it tell the truth about the sitter? Can it stand alone as a painting?
Still life contemporary realism oil painting by Pat Fiorello
Avoid these bad painting habits and learn how to keep your colors clean and fresh.
Contemporary realism - Bo Bartlett, "The Promised Land," 2015, oil on linen, 88 x 120 in., private collection
There is something odd in many of Bo Bartlett's paintings, strange stories being illustrated even when it is unclear what they are.
Realism portrait painting - "Choosing Her Revolution: My Chick In Flight" by Carol Peebles
This is part of a series featuring a leader in the art community who will be joining us on the faculty of Realism Live...
inspiration for artists - "Sky" by Alex Bostic
In 2019 Alex Bostic gave a Tedx Talk on "Educating Artists." The following talk was ...
Color harmony - "Three Anjou Pears" by Douglas Fryer
Watch as master artist and sought-after instructor Douglas Fryer shares a quick tip for finding color harmony.
A frame from one of a hundred Glenn Vilppu's bible, his sketchbook
From Renaissance to Hollywood animation with one, single mantra.

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