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Realism Live - "Jewel" (oil on canvas) by Vincent Xeus
"'Jewel' allows the audience to look into my creative process and feel the movements in the painting as if the painting were evolving live," Vincent said. "Perhaps intuition from childhood calligraphy is also apparent in the brush strokes here."
contemporary realism - Amanda Jones, "Strung," 2019, oil on panel, 14 x 16 in.
The 15th International ARC Salon Exhibition has now closed at Sotheby’s NY, but if you missed seeing the show, you can still enjoy it in Spain, or at home.
Lisa Egeli, "Silk and Wool," Oil, 20 x 40 in.
We're thrilled to welcome Lisa Egeli to the Realism Live faculty. Enjoy a lightening round Q&A with the artist here!
Contemporary realism figurative art
Classical figurative painter Luke Hillestad shares the insights from his collection, "Waterborne," inspired by the sacredness of the birth of his child and the element of water.
Contemporary realism watercolor portrait
Learn the artist's inspiration behind the painting "Reminiscentia," as well as why he chose to enter this international art competition.
What's the difference between a painting and an illustration?
Letter to the Editor: What's the difference between a painting and an illustration? Click through to read our answer.
This artist's interest in psychology allows her to examine the sitter’s inner dialogue with empathy and intuition.
Palette knife portraits of women
Born in Spain and based in London, with time spent living in Africa and India, Elena Gual's work engages with the myriad realities of being a woman worldwide.
How to paint a still life commission
How a still life commission led to a gratifying collaboration between artist and collector.
"Teapots" by Jeffrey T. Larson, who is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Realism Live virtual art conference, November 2021
Discover a rock-solid method to become a better artist faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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