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Art inspiration - narrative art figurative painting

Journey Into the Heart: Art Inspiration

How can you finally "arrive" at your destination of being a real artist? Here are some steps you should take.
Contemporary realism still life painting

Art Inspiration: Seeking Balance

From guilt, exhaustion, and anxiety, to peace and balance, Ann Kraft Walker shares her personal journey: "Just as it takes discipline to show up at the easel and put in hours of focused work, it also takes discipline to ..."
Contemporary romanticism - art inspiration

Art Inspiration: Wherever It Takes Me

Known for her contemporary romanticism, this Ann Moeller Steverson takes us behind the scenes of two paintings inspired by her incredible daughters.
PleinAir Salon art competition - RealismToday.com

Painting Inspiration: Solving the Puzzle

A winner of the Plein Air Salon shares how she creates patterns, identifies shapes, and “solves the puzzle” of her portrait paintings.
Contemporary artists - RealismToday.com

Inspiration: Two Artists, One Roof

What is it like to be an artist couple? It is amazing. It can be trying. Contemporary artist Kenny Harris explains.
Art inspiration, Cory Trépanier

Art Inspiration: In the Footsteps of Moran and Adams

Together, Thomas Moran and Ansel Adams have inspired many to connect with the wild places of this world and help conserve them. Their stories embody the powerful idea that an artist’s work can live on and change the world around them, even past their lifetimes. Bonus: Watch two videos about a modern artist’s pilgrimage to Yellowstone National Park.
Artistic Inspiration - Holly Van Hart artist

Conveying Our Deepest Emotions – Artistic Inspiration

To make paintings that stir up primal reactions, we need to communicate our emotions clearly and with conviction. We need to make viewers feel how we feel. What’s the best way to do that? As a painter of abstracted landscapes, I’ll share what works best for me.
Realism landscapes - Joseph McGurl, "Lifting Fog, Cadillac Mountain," 36 x 60 inches, Oil on canvas

Realism Without Photography

Joseph McGurl doesn't use photo references; why he works from "my observations, memory and imagination."
Contemporary realism wildlife art - Martin Wittfooth, "Occupy," 73 x 100 inches, oil on linen, 2012

A World of Ideas

"Honing our craft with the aim that it might one day match up with and do justice to our inner ramblings is an ambition I hold to be sacred."
Lynn Sanguedolce in the art studio

A Peek Inside an Itinerant Artist’s Toolbox

How one artist shed self-imposed limitations and gathered experiences as tools: "It was important to shed those skins, put my ego on a shelf—however painful and humbling the process—and open up to what else I might learn."

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