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Realism portrait of a child

A Portraitist with a Soft Spot for Landscapes

If, for Lisa Egeli, portraiture is "an art form that gets right to people's hearts," equally fundamental is the consideration of naturalistic landscape art. (Learn from Egeli at Realism Live, November 10-12, with a Beginner's Day on November 9.)
Inspiration from numerous old plein air studies from a trip to Alberta, Canada, 30 x 40 inches

How I’m Inspired by the Landscape

Alex Dzigurski II shares four of his recent landscape paintings and the inspiration behind them.
Matthew Cornell, "The Visitor," 8.5 x 11 inches, Oil on canvas

Painting Home: Realism Landscapes by Matthew Cornell

"I needed to paint my life and my search with the hope that this would reveal a deeper meaning to me."
Lisa Egeli, "Silk and Wool," Oil, 20 x 40 in.

Immersed in Nature: Painting Realism Landscapes

We're thrilled to welcome Lisa Egeli to the Realism Live faculty. Enjoy a lightening round Q&A with the artist here!
The Path of Drawing by Patricia Watwood

New Book for Artists: The Path of Drawing

Focusing on aspects of mindfulness that are particularly relevant to creative individuals, Watwood discusses overcoming blocks and dealing with emotional challenges to accomplishing work.
From "How to Draw Hands" with Carol Peebles

Favorite Moments from Realism Live 2022

We're back for our third annual Realism Live online art conference, hosted by Eric Rhoads and Peter Trippi, and featuring many of today's greatest artists in the field of contemporary realism.
Color harmony - "Three Anjou Pears" by Douglas Fryer

Quick Tip: Instant Color Harmony

Watch as master artist and sought-after instructor Douglas Fryer shares a quick tip for finding color harmony.
A frame from one of a hundred Glenn Vilppu's bible, his sketchbook

Glenn Vilppu on Universal Principles of Drawing

From Renaissance to Hollywood animation with one, single mantra.
On art and fear - Veronica Winters, "Connection," oil on canvas, 24 x 36 in.

How Art Helped Me Break Through Loneliness and Fear

When I realized that ... I could voice my opinion or ideas visually when I felt silent otherwise, I decided to "use" my art with greater intent.
Contemporary realism landscape by Clyde Aspevig

The Soundscapes of Clyde Aspevig

On Clyde Aspevig's intimate abandon to nature among soundscapes and vibrations.

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