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Painting the landscape - Jane Hunt, "Ablaze,” oil, 30 x 24 in.

Jane Hunt: Inspired to Paint the Landscape

While devoted to plein air painting, the artist also often works in the studio where she refines or reworks the sketches made in plein air...
Plein Air Live - Lisa Skelly

Contemporary Artists Painting the Landscape, and Sharing Techniques

The 5th Annual Plein Air Live came to an end Friday, March 8th, wrapping up with some of today’s best landscape painters sharing all of their secrets, explaining their materials, methods, and more, with a focus on painting en plein air.
Joe Paquet, “Corner of Kent and Selby,” oil, 24 x 30 in.

Joe Paquet on Landscape Painting en Plein Air

When landscape painting on location, Joe Paquet says he is careful never to ...
painting realistic landscapes

4 Phases of Painting a Realistic Landscape

Artist Todd Price shares his step-by-step progression of painting a realistic landscape from Glacier National Park.
realistic landscapes - "Waiting Out the Storm" by Todd Price

Painting the American Story through Realistic Landscapes

Historical painter Todd Price shares what he’s learned about painting realistic scenes in oil to help you get to "that spiritual place where you start to fall inside the work."
Miniature realism landscape painting by Erik Koeppel

Painting of the Week: A #MiniLandscape by Erik Koeppel

Erik Koeppel (b.1980) is a traditional landscape painter who has become a leader in the revival of the techniques and philosophy of the Hudson River School. Koeppel studied extensively in museums, and in nature...
Realism portrait of a child

A Portraitist with a Soft Spot for Landscapes

If, for Lisa Egeli, portraiture is "an art form that gets right to people's hearts," equally fundamental is the consideration of naturalistic landscape art. (Learn from Egeli at Realism Live, November 10-12, with a Beginner's Day on November 9.)
Inspiration from numerous old plein air studies from a trip to Alberta, Canada, 30 x 40 inches

How I’m Inspired by the Landscape

Alex Dzigurski II shares four of his recent landscape paintings and the inspiration behind them.
Matthew Cornell, "The Visitor," 8.5 x 11 inches, Oil on canvas

Painting Home: Realism Landscapes by Matthew Cornell

"I needed to paint my life and my search with the hope that this would reveal a deeper meaning to me."
Lisa Egeli, "Silk and Wool," Oil, 20 x 40 in.

Immersed in Nature: Painting Realism Landscapes

We're thrilled to welcome Lisa Egeli to the Realism Live faculty. Enjoy a lightening round Q&A with the artist here!

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