Painting Animals: Step-by-Step Demo of a Herd of Cows

On Painting Animals > "I work in a realistic style but always aim to create a painting with more depth and vibrance than the photo reference," says Emma Colbert.

Strange and Quirky, But It Makes Sense

NYC-based oil painter Devin Cecil-Wishing shares his thoughts on art as a language in its own world.

Painting Flowers: Dew Drops Simplified

One of Lyn Diefenbach's secrets is a technique for painting dew drops, which she demonstrates in this free Art School Live video with Eric Rhoads.

Hyperrealism Painting of the Week: “Afternoon Tea”

Congratulations to Robert Bucknell, whose hyperrealism work has been recognized in the monthly PleinAir Salon.

An Artist’s Greatest Superpower

Be inspired by Jesse Lane's "Then and Now" story of how he overcame his insecurities and went on to build confidence, as well as an impressive body of work.

Free Lesson: How to Paint Believable Birds

Shawn Dell Joyce shows us how to add realistic birds to landscape paintings in this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads.

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