Adrienne Stein on Painting Composition

How do you create a complex painting composition? Stein explains in this article: “It takes risk to turn a good painting into a great painting.”

How to Paint a Portrait: 8 Step Demo with Stan Miller

See a demo on how to paint a portrait with Stan Miller, who presented this workshop during the 3rd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference.

An Artist Who “Finally Succumbed” to Social Media

Contemporary realism artist Elsa Muñoz has come out of her shell over the last several years, stepping into the spotlight as an ...

Favorite Moments of Realism Painting at Watercolor Live 2023

See a recap of realism painting demonstrations from the 3rd Annual Watercolor Live, where some of today’s best artists shared their secrets, and explained their materials, methods, and more.

Realism Ambassador of the Week: Emilie Fantuz

Emilie Fantuz is an American-Canadian artist known for her large-scale paintings depicting reflections and nocturnal urban landscapes. Her palette knife paintings combine technical elements of hyperrealism with an abstracted stylization that is distinctly her own.

The Emotional Painter in Me

The more I’m burdened with the technical aspects of painting, the less I see. So before I lay my first brushstroke, I have to ...

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