Is There More to Art Than Painting Well?

By Samuel Adoquei

Inspiration for artists - Samuel Adoquei -
Samuel Adoquei, “Meditation,” 1999, oil, 30 x 42 in.

Thinking of my own experiences, why didn’t I think that there is more to art than painting well? How did I miss the fact that art is not only about talent, technique, and hard work, which make good artists and make them have a successful creative life, but rather about inspiration. It is the secret energy behind all successful artists, yet the most ignored.

Because inspiration is elusive and hard to explain, inexperienced artists often perceive Inspiration as a divine energy conjured upon a chosen talent to work on a particular subject in order to bring out the best in that subject for others to enjoy. It is because of this thinking that we associate inspiration as a spiritual force from the heavens, blessed upon a chosen few.

Inspiration in reality comes when certain factors occur; let’s say, looking at a certain beautiful object or scene, choosing a certain subject or project, or taking on a certain mission. But if inspiration came only when an artist thought a certain way, made certain decisions and choices, then by learning the habits and certain factors that occur for the inspired ones, we too could find inspiration at will.

You must be courageous. Do you have the fire to light the power of your dreams?

Artistic inspiration and creativity
Samuel Adoquei, “My Friend Jared,” 2017, oil on panel, 20 x 16 in.,
Private collection

Courage: Strong inner belief that the heavens protect all who pursue noble causes. When unintended consequences and disappointments kick in, in the middle of your creative journey, it is courage that provides energy to stay strong, focused, and positive. Whether you are a beginner, an advanced student, or a professional, your artistic nature and temperaments are the same as all important artists: your noble thoughts and dreamer’s heart make you take chances to dare what others run from. Courage attracts inspiration and keeps you undeterred to face weighty hardships.

The courage to stand up strong and bold with a warrior’s attitude, to return to the arena without any sign of injury, weakness, or defeat, but inspired more than ever to fight with all your might. Courage, willpower, and determination are armies and architects of the soul, and crusaders of our dreams. Wisdom to accept challenges at hand and the will to say to yourself that all these too shall pass, because you know inspiration favors whoever starts a noble mission.

Whoever must find the future must learn to focus. A focused mind finds order in chaos. You must not flounder — have a mission.

Artistic inspiration and creativity
Arrangement in Shapes and Lines, 2015, oil, 12 x 16 in., Private collection

Mission: Your life is a long journey and a story that leads to the fulfillment of your dream. Understand the characters and the roles they play in your story; obstacles, misfortunes, and setbacks come to test your devotion and loyalty to strengthen you. Sympathy and empathy towards those you encounter make the mission more pleasant.

Some artists have big dreams, stamina, and willpower. With extreme enthusiasm and excitement, they jump into pursuits and hope for the best. As a mentor, a teacher, and a professional artist for over 25 years, I have seen too many hearts broken unnecessarily due to a romantic idea of how art must be pursued. Because of this error, the guides they need most, to neutralize obstacles and misfortunes, are often ignored.

Additional elements include:
• Noble Aspirations
• Passion
• Meaningful Purpose
• Eternal Vision
• Wisdom

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