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Eric Wert: Inspired by Dutch Still Life

Go behind the scenes of how Eric Wert creates masterful Dutch-inspired still life paintings of subjects that are common, yet "unknowable."
Painting still life art

Bringing a Deeper Meaning to Still Life Art

"Finding a clever connection between objects and observations can be exciting but it’s important to avoid the pitfall of letting the message overwhelm the mechanics." Katharine Krieg explains why the constant underlying job of any painter is to make a structurally sound painting with building blocks like balance, value, and good drawing.
PleinAir Salon - RealismToday.com

Still Life Spotlight: From the Hearth

Congratulations to Barbara S. Groff, whose work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon.
Realistic still life painting

Still Life Painting: The Path from Ephemeral to Visual

Contemporary artist Terry Norris takes us through the concepts that inspire her traditional still life paintings, and the quickest and most effective way she has found to develop one's own vision and practical painting knowledge.
Still life painting - Lyubena Fox - RealismToday.com

Still Life Painting Spotlight: The Nest

Contemporary realist Lyubena Fox shares her inspiration for the symbols found in her representational still life painting, "The Nest."
Creative Art Prompts: Paint or Draw a Still Life

Creative Art Prompts: Paint or Draw a Still Life

New art prompt! Put together a still life setup that sums up your #stayathome experience.
Realism oil painting - Stuart Dunkel - RealismToday.com

Autobiographical Still Life Paintings: It’s All About the Idea

Oil painter Stuart Dunkel shares his breakthrough moment in art, his process, his palette, and a step-by-step still life painting demonstration.
Still life oil painting

20 Earthly Delights – Contemporary Realism Still Lifes

“Earthly Delights” is the title of a selection of still life paintings by Scott Fraser. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at Fraser’s painting process here.
Still life drawings and paintings - ArtistsOnArt.com

Still Life with Prison Bars

Treacy Ziegler tells us what it’s like to bring her love of still life drawings to a maximum-security prison, including the one thing she admitted (and the prisoners agreed) was a “stupid thing to say.”
Painting from Life - Gregory Mortenson

Painting From Life on a Budget

The hourly wage of an art model can add up; In this article Gregory Mortenson describes some of his paintings and a few techniques he employs to get the best value.

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