@instairinadragomir > Let go of control, Acrylic on canvas, 90*120 cm

In this collection, we’re sharing some of our favorite limited palette drawings and paintings from followers who tagged us on Instagram. Enjoy!

Creative art prompts - limited palette - RealismToday.com
@lucab_art > Kia portrait oil on canvas
Creative art prompts - limited palette - RealismToday.com
@instairinadragomir > For many years I’ve avoided the color blue. I was somehow afraid of its depth and seriousness.
However, things are constantly changing so now blue is my friend and I find it increasingly fascinating. I think this may be due to the fact that I’ve become more mature and willing for confrontations.
What’s your favourite colour?
Acrylic on canvas, 90*80 cm
Creative art prompts - limited palette - RealismToday.com

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A 1.5 hour demo in grisaille on shellaced panel. I like how the yellow of the shellac plays against the coolness of the grisaille. Makes it almost look like gold leaf from afar. Materials: Brushes: @rosemarybrushes Paint: @gamblincolors @williamsburgoilpaints @winsorandnewton @mhoilpaints Surface: 8×10 Canvas . . . . #allaprima #oilpainting #artoninstagram #artofinstagram #visual_enjoyment_gallery #art_dailydose #sketch_dailydose #arts_promoter #drawinganatomyandart #creativeuprising #nawden #paintingsofinstagram #artistoninstagram #realismtoday #drawing_expression #boxer #figuredrawing #figurepainting #academicpainting #winsorandnewton #gamblin #croquiscafe #bluereview @realismtoday #paintanyway

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DORA 50 / 70 cm Fabriano black paper 160 gsm Colored Pencils VAN GOGH ( Titanium white , Cold grey light , Warm grey light ,Cold grey deep ,Warm grey deep , Ivory black ) DERWENT ( Chinese white , Cold grey , Warm grey ) STAEDTLER ( Lumocolor permanent , triplus fineliner ) Acrylic ( Titanium white , Silver ) #portraitwomen #hyperrealism #polishgirls #polishgirl #polishbeauty #womeninart #blackandwhiteartist #artstudio #blackandwhitearts #artskills #artplace #whitecolorpencilonblackpaper #myartwork #maturewomen #nicewomen #artportrait #arts #art #realistic_arts #realisticart #partnerships #artgallery #art_gallery #artmodels #goodheartedpeople #womenfrompoland #expensiveart #expensiveartwork

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