Figurative Art Convention & Expo -
Scenes from the 2nd Annual Figurative Art Convention & Expo

Sometimes, as artists, we feel all alone, stuck in our studios working on endless artworks and wondering if anyone cares. Can you relate? Then read more…

Working alone has its benefits, but human interaction is critical to make you feel fulfilled and help you feel tuned in to the art world.

But here’s the problem.

Unless you’re part of an active arts community, unless you’re getting regular conversations and mental stimulation from people whose work you RESPECT, you’ll probably continue to feel isolated. And you’ll wonder if you’re really making the progress you should be making.

Though it’s nice for friends and family to offer feedback on your work, you know they usually don’t understand what you’re trying to do. They are not likely to push you to the next level, to challenge you, to help you make your work better.

Have you ever felt stuck on a piece, not sure exactly what to do or how to solve a problem?

It’s not unusual, and it’s part of growing to get stuck. Finding solutions usually involves experimentation and failure, looking at books or works on social media for ideas.

We can also find ourselves limited by our education. If, for instance, you went to a certain excellent school with a very specific approach, you could feel trapped by that approach, and could have breakthroughs by seeing how others approach the same challenges with different ways of painting.

But what if you could make faster progress, have a feedback system of quality artists, and feel connected to your tribe — those who understand exactly what you’re going through?

Do you consider yourself open-minded?

If you were having an issue with your relationships, you would probably invest in a counselor to help you through it.

But are you open-minded enough to INVEST IN YOURSELF?

Or are you hoping the problems you’re wrestling with will eventually correct themselves?

Are you investing to take your painting and your career to a higher level, or are you operating on wishes and dreams?

Remember one important thing…

Below-Average People Try to Solve Everything Themselves
Average People Seek Out Help
Above-Average People Seek Out the Best of the Best — knowing they will accomplish more faster and make giant leaps ahead

I’m about to tell you about a solution. But first let me show you what several others have to say about that solution…

“It is one of the most informative and worthwhile experiences for anyone who is an artist in training or an emerging artist. You learn so much and get to interact with like-minded people.” — Khann Mai

“It’s mind-expanding and inspirational to see top artists creating work and hear what they’re thinking.” — Margerett McDermott

“If you are interested in elevating your work, or breaking past a rut, you have to surround yourself with professionals who can elevate you. Be around the next level up and aspire to inspire. FACE is a stepping stone to better.” — Jessica D. Perez


FACE is the Figurative Art Convention & Expo, which is coming to Williamsburg, Virginia, this November, just a short drive or train ride from the biggest cities in the East and Southeast.


It is a SMALL AND INTIMATE training event — instead of a thousand people where you can’t meet and get to know the instructors.

“Not only do you get to learn from and rub shoulders with full-time, highly knowledgeable artists, there is marketing and business knowledge given.” — Kate Kilpatrick-Miller

Figurative Art Convention & Expo -


FACE is HANDS ON, meaning you get to practice what you’ve learned in the World’s Largest Art Studio with live models and some of the best artists in the world looking over your shoulder and offering advice. You’re not just looking for a seat in the back of a room of a thousand people.


And FACE is for artists who consider themselves MUSEUM-QUALITY or who are striving to be. This isn’t for everybody, it’s for people willing to seek out and study under the best of the best. And in fact, attendance is limited, so you can have an INTIMATE experience. This isn’t for the masses.


At FACE, we’re friendly. There are no politics, no special classes, and even the instructors are rubbing elbows with you. We insist on it. And you can come no matter what level of artist you are — exploring art, a beginner, intermediate, or a high-level pro. We’re all there to learn and grow. And we even have some collectors and galleries show up that you can interact with.

“More than I expected. Warm and nice. Friendly environment. Enjoying the new friends/connections that I made during the convention. I will tell all my art friends.” — Victoria Ghetu-Vuono


And, because FACE is small and intimate, not a giant, overwhelming event where it’s hard to gain access to the faculty, you can meet and speak with just about any famous artist on the stage or in attendance. FACE is about ACCESS. We’ve heard stories of famous artists giving critiques in the lobby, becoming good friends with attendees, and working with and helping everyone who asks. We ask our faculty to make themselves available.


And FACE is modern, fun, and a happy place where you’ll meet like-minded people just like you so you’ll never have to feel isolated again. If you want stuffy, this isn’t for you. We think learning should be fun.


Education is a bargain at any price. People who strive for the top invest in themselves. You’ll have access to people you’ll probably never have a chance to meet again. For instance, the top master instructor from the Repin Institute of the Russian Academy of Art, coming to teach on stage in America for the first time in history. The faculty is world-class, all there to do demos and talks. All to teach and inspire you.


For the price of a single workshop, you will spend four days connecting with YOUR TRIBE and watching the best artists in the world live on stage. You’ll feel at home because they are the same people who are trying to do the kind of paintings you’re doing … the kind of paintings that will one day land in a museum.

“The value surpasses the price to attend. The fact that I could greet supporters and collectors of my work and thank them with a handshake and develop those friendships with other artists makes the event immeasurably valuable. If I have to save all year, I’m going to attend next year.”— Brianna Lee

You’ll not only walk away on Cloud Nine … inspired … you will have seen dozens of demonstrations and sampled dozens of approaches from some of the world’s finest artists.

“It’s hard not to be inspired in your own progress as an artist after being immersed in the convention presentations.”— SM Botstein

Figurative Art Convention & Expo -


You’ll be getting answers to solve the challenges you face by watching artists and hearing talks on four different stages.


There are so many approaches to painting, and you’ll see dozens at FACE. One idea may revolutionize your work. It’s a chance to sample styles from loose to tight, and lots of ways to accomplish those kinds of paintings. And you can ask the artists questions.

“Variety of artists, methods, personalities. There is something for everyone. And it is so INSPIRING!!!! Really gives you a jump start and possibly even new direction.” — Starr Daubermeyer


FACE … the Figurative Art Convention & Expo includes an Expo Hall of art materials vendors who create products related to the kind of painting you do. They can answer problems, work with you on colors or materials or mediums, give you great advice, and provide products you often can’t find in stores. These are not just any vendors — they are the companies who are supportive of the kind of painting you do, the ones who believe in you. The ones who make products for what you do.


There is also another component we’re driven to provide … the success you need to make the career you want. Marketing advice that transforms careers and is worth the price of the convention on its own. FACE is about YOUR CAREER. People who attended the last two years have told us the advice they received has made a significant difference in their ability to sell art. Marketing sessions are included in the price of admission.


We want you to be overwhelmed with options, so if what is on one stage doesn’t get you excited, move to a different stage. We have three stages doing mostly demos and one stage with talks from top experts in the art world. It’s a firehose of information.


You’re about to meet people you’ve only read about or seen on social media. Last year an artist told us he had dreamed his whole life of meeting Burton Silverman, and he not only met him and got his photo with him, they sat and talked for an hour. Who do you want to meet? Daniel Greene and Wendy Caporale will be there receiving our Lifetime Achievement Award. And the room is filled with legends, some teaching and others just attending.

“Access to the most influential thinkers, educators, and artists for the coming Renaissance of figurative and traditional art.” — Scott Mason

Are you willing to invest in yourself to be at a convention only a small group of people can attend, and get access to the top artists in the world?

FACE isn’t a massive “hands off” observation event. It’s intimate, it’s HANDS ON, and it’s for those who feel their careers are worth investing in. It’s something special, something exclusive, an experience only a couple of hundred people are allowed to attend.


FACE is for people who want to rise above the crowd, rise above the old school ways … for artists who are not satisfied with being average. FACE is for REBELS who want to drive the Classical Realism movement to the next level and be a part of the Renaissance. Great artists have always been rebels and not tried to blend in with the crowd.

“You are participating in the future of a new Renaissance alongside those who have ushered it in and those who will take it to generations yet to come. You rub elbows with the finest artists creating today.”— Krystal Brown


We can all use more friends, especially people who can relate to what we do. We’ve had people meet who were in the same community but didn’t know each other — each thought they were the only realist artist in their area, and now they spend time together. You cannot help but get connected, but if you want our help, we do a connection orientation to help people so they never feel alone.

“Camaraderie. Making new friends. Learning techniques. Positive encouragement in our work. Finding out what is NOW going on in our world.”— Donella Lay

“Camaraderie. Friendly and approachable staff and artists. LOVE the studio time!” — Jane McIntire

“The community experience. The opportunity to see so many other approaches to contemporary figurative realism. The spectrum of players in this field. Curators, gallery owners, collectors, and of course artists from all over.” — Jim McComas

Do you want your work to be historically significant?

To be the best, you have to think like the best, seek out the best, and put your fears aside. You will see the best of the best, the great minds of art. They will teach, paint, talk, inspire, and they can change your life.

“The time to learn from top level + the time to make like-minded friends who ‘speak’ art.” — Kim Hoerster

Average people attend average events to save money. Exceptional artists invest in their careers and want the best of the best. As one artist put it…

“It was very expensive for me living on a fixed income, yet it was worth every penny. I’m very happy I was able to come by begging, borrowing, and stealing. I was unable to be classically trained, so this conference was a gift.”

“If they can afford to attend, do. And spend the extra money to get the VIP Pass, and spend the time wisely to have that rare one-on-one time with artists, gallery owners, and publishers. It’s invaluable.” — Tina Garrett

People who are serious about their careers are willing to invest in themselves. They don’t allow roadblocks to get in their way because they know it will be life-changing.

“Even though it is expensive, it is money well spent. It’s an investment with tangible, guaranteed dividends. Dividends that will show up at their next painting session in fearlessness and painting quality, and ultimately joy. — Lisa Jornayvez

Make your paintings stand out. Don’t blend in with the everyday artist crowd. Be part of the realism movement at this special moment in time.

FACE is designed to help you take your work to a higher level, whether you’re already a pro or a beginner. If that’s not you … FACE isn’t for you.


This is a time when realism is starting to catch on, a time when collectors are starting to pay attention. It’s a special moment in time, and these artists on this stage will never be together again. Telling yourself “maybe someday” means you miss out on this group of artists, these mentors, people who may not be alive in a year, people who may never make the trip to the States again, people who may never be back.

“Someday” will never come. This is unlike any workshop, unlike any conference. It’s unique and very special. People told us we could never get this many people, at this level of quality, together in one room. We’ve managed to do it two years in a row, and each year is different. This year is exceptional, and a year you cannot miss.

How many times have you seen people attending something and seen the pictures and video on social media and wished you were there?

Will that be you this year? Last year Casey Baugh’s presentation was all over social media. He had such a great time, he wanted to come back one more time. This is rare. Take advantage of it this year.

We can recommend some other places that are a lot less expensive where you will be one of a thousand people — where you can hide out, blend in, and not have access to the famous artists.

But if you want to see something spectacular, fresh, fun, modern, and filled with exceptional opportunity, you need FACE.

“If you care about advancing as an artist, this is MANDATORY. Feeds your work on every level.” — Barb Williams

The same people who put their lives on hold to attend the best ateliers under the best instructors are the ones who are engaged in lifelong learning.

“You are missing out. An event like this can impact your ‘time’ as an artist in a big way. Best way to stay in touch with the best artist/teachers.” — Sandhya Sharma

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you hate it or it’s not what you thought it would be, come to me by the end of the first day, and I’ll refund all of your money and send you on your way. Last year a person walked up to me and said, “I want to talk to you about your guarantee. You said if it was not what I expected, you would refund my money. I don’t want a refund — this was better than I expected. In fact, it’s life-changing. I’ve already got my money’s worth on the first day.”


FACE is your chance to elevate your standards, and get inspired.

“The inspiration of learning from the greats. Especially learning innovative approaches. Favorite part was the open studios and getting tips from teachers. Seeing the faculty painting for fun in open studios.” — Jory Mason

The quality of this event is unparalleled. Yes, it’s expensive. To pull something like this off, and do it without having to have a thousand people, isn’t easy or cheap. But it had to be done. It is absolutely worth it, and you will have no regrets. You will see your standards elevated, you will see massive improvement in your artwork, you will be so inspired that you can’t wait to get home to paint.

“To be surrounded with such a high standard of artists to help your own artistic development. Being around fully accomplished artists, you can’t help but learn, absorb, and grow. Making friends and being understood, so very important. Learned so much.” — Robin Hicks

“You will learn a ton. Your art will improve. You will meet amazing people.” — Louise Saloman

You will be blown away by this event. We have raised the bar, set a high standard, and if you’ve not attended, you should.

“A MUST go” — Terry McLoren

You will see the top artists at work, meet and connect with them, meet new friends, and have breakthroughs you never expected. Your enthusiasm will be high, and you’ll be walking on air by the time it’s over, never wanting it to end.

“It’s about the unexpected connections, revelations, and aha moments. The experience is complex to describe because it’s deeper than the programs and listed agendas.” — Suzanne Johnson

If you’re an artist who wants to be with your people and meet those who inspire you, if you want to expand your mind, you need to register now.

“It’s mind-expanding and inspirational to see top artists creating work and hear what they’re thinking.” — Margerett McDermott

Attending FACE is life-changing, it will change and impact your artwork for ever, and it will fuel you for the coming year. It will train you how to sell your art, how to make your art better, and it will help you make connections you probably would otherwise never have an opportunity to make.

“This conference has substance. It is truly designed for the contemporary living artist. Demonstrations, workshops, studio time, and lectures were available from 8 a.m. to 11:15 at night. The conference is dynamic, relevant, and meaningful.” — Mary Catherine Watson

“The convention offered everything possible in four days. Demos, speakers, and studio time.” — Dianne Russell

“There is not a moment lost. Every minute of the entire workshop maximizes your learning and experience. If you love art, you cannot find yourself in a better place.” — Stacy Balmouth

Register right now. Because we have to keep it small and intimate, you want to get a seat before we sell out.

Simply click the link below, pull out your credit card, and sign up. Be sure to consider our VIP program for special seating and special perks, and please consider our pre-convention workshops to enhance your drawing or painting.

~ Eric Rhoads
Publisher and Founder
Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine

PS: I created the FACE event because I felt there was a need for something fresh and new, something that was hands on, something that gave access to famous artists, something that was warm and welcoming, and a place where MUSEUM-QUALITY REALISM could thrive.

If we’re to make this contemporary realism movement have a future, we need to be together annually as a tribe, we need to grow and learn, we need to meet others and seek opportunities to work together. This convention may be the most important part of the future of realism and your future as an artist. I will also pull out all the stops on new, fresh marketing and sales help this year.

This event is expensive because we need it to be small and intimate, not massive and distant. Only people willing to invest in themselves will come. The investment will change your life and your career. You need to be here this year.

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