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Check out these #ArtistsOnInstagram that you’ll want to follow for a daily dose of art inspiration from the world of contemporary realism.

It’s no secret that Instagram is a great resource for artistic inspiration (as long as you don’t fall into the “comparison” trap!). 😉 Our team came up with the following list of Instagram accounts for artists — especially for contemporary realism! — that you’ll love seeing in your feed.

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The influencers we feature here are sharing incredible paintings and drawings that will inspire and motivate you in your own artistic journey. Check them out here (these are in no particular order!), and share your Instagram link in the comments below!

22 Amazing #ArtistsOnInstagram

(Including pages we know you’ll love to follow!)

1. Tim Rees:
Painter @reesatelier. I use @rosemarybrushes brushes & @mhoilpaints. Ambassador of @artefexart panels. Gallery:

2. Shana Levenson:
Artist, mom, wife of @davidkassan

3. David Kassan:
Visual artist

4. Teresa Oaxaca:
Artist based in Washington D.C. ♥️♣️🔷♦️ Visiting D.C.>LA>St.Louis>Philly>Florence

5. Steven Assael:
Painter and draftsman known for his representational artwork.

6. Adrian Gotlieb:
Portrait and figurative artist working in Los Angeles

7. Katie Whipple:
Lady Painter 🌸 Queens, NY; Paintings available through @arcadiagallery


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I spent the last four days in Williamsburg, VA attending the Figurative Art Convention and Expo ( The BEST part of the conference was that four of my six teachers from my students days at @grandcentralatelier were at the conference. Three of whom I don’t get to see too often these days. . I learned nearly everything I know about painting from @edwardminoff @tonycuranaj @joshualarock and @scottwaddellartist. After hearing their presentations and watching their painting demonstrations this week, I couldn’t get over how exceedingly lucky I was to have the education I did in my four years at GCA. In fact, I kept leaning over to my mom during the talks and saying “can you believe how lucky I am?! These were my teachers!!” . The depth of knowledge and understanding by Tony, Ted, Josh, and Scott is immense. But what you might not know is that they are all wonderful, kind, and generous human beings. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard than catching up with these guys at the conference. . I just wanted to throw a little gratitude their way this AM. I didn’t know anything about the community of artists surrounding GCA when I enrolled. But I count it as the greatest blessing of my life to still be involved with the school and it’s community. . I also wanted to give a shout out to two other very important people I got to see at FACE this week: @rosemarybrushes and @mhoilpaints! . I am not sponsored by either of these wonderful companies, they just make some of the best brushes and paint money can buy. I will not disclose how big a dent I put in my bank account buying new materials… but I assure you I can’t WAIT to get back to the easel with my brand new brushes and pigments. . The Queen Anne’s Lace flower above was painted using Michael Harding paint and Rosemary brushes. That crazy texture in the flower was achieved by using Michael Harding stack lead white. This flower was painted in a one day painting session, with no medium, just gamsol. You can see what incredible texture and depth well made paint can give you. I used Rosemary series 33 round (usually size 6) to paint most of this QAL. . Thanks for all the fun, I love you guys ❤️❤️

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8. Ryan Brown:
Painter and Director of the Masters Academy of Art
(Also on the Realism Today Advisory Board!)

9. Casey Baugh:
Artist. Based in New York City
(Also on the Realism Today Advisory Board!)

10. Dan Thompson:
American Figure Painter, Dean @studio_incamminati Faculty Chair, Certificate of Fine Arts @nyacademyofart
(Also on the Realism Today Advisory Board!)

11. Jordan Sokol:

12. Daniel Maidman:
Artist, author, critic. “I do sell posted work, and take commissions.”

13. Joshua LaRock:
Presenting: “Into The West,” my debut series of paintings inspired by the American Southwest.
(Also on the Realism Today Advisory Board!)

14. Juliette Aristides:
Classical Painter, Published Author, #FigureDrawingAtelier, Aristides Atelier Director @gageacademy
(Also on the Realism Today Advisory Board and on the faculty for the 4th Annual Figurative Art Convention & Expo!)

15. Rick Casali:
(Also on the faculty for the 4th Annual Figurative Art Convention & Expo!)

16. Quang Ho:
Figures, landscapes, still life
(Also on the faculty for the 4th Annual Figurative Art Convention & Expo!)


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Another painting for the opening at the Woolaroc Museum opening on Saturday.

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17. Adrienne Stein:
Solo show: “Elementals” 1/11/20 @gallery1261
(Also on the faculty for the 4th Annual Figurative Art Convention & Expo!)

18. Sadie Valeri:
Fine art painter and online art instructor.
(Also on the Realism Today Advisory Board!)

19. Charles Miano:
Charles Miano is an American figurative artist and educator. He is the founder and director of the Classical Apprenticeship @southern_atelier.

20. Fine Art Connoisseur:
Our sister publication. Follow for a wide variety of art inspiration

21. Jennifer Balkan:
Founder & Instructor @atelierdojo
(Also on the Realism Today Advisory Board!)

22. And of course, RealismToday:
The Community of FACE: Figurative Art Convention & Expo. A place to see the world’s best realism artists. FACE20 is in Baltimore, MD: 10.29 – 11.1

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  1. Each issue of Realism today brings so much information to my inbox, and the name itself says how I’ve been working for so long. Thanks for this list of Instagram artists that I can add to my newfeed; about half were already there, so am looking forward to seeing work of the additions.

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