Call for entries - contemporary portraiture
Painting by Qingling Guo, part of the current Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences "Works on Paper" show

UnMasked: Contemporary Portraiture
The Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences (LBIF), invites applications to “UnMasked,” a National Juried Competition & Exhibition.

From the organizers:

We wear many masks, both literal and figurative. This exhibition hopes to remove those masks and go beyond the surface to reveal a deeper vision of the subject, thus extending the ongoing tradition of portraiture. Whether it be self or otherwise, include the presence of another person or object or not, these are just two of the many ways the personality can be revealed.

This Open Call for eligible artwork submission can include Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Collage, digitally created work, and 3D constructions that can be wall hung. Artwork that was created as a multiple through printmaking processes, or photography will not be considered for this exhibition.

The Juror is Jessica T. Smith, Curator of American Art & Manager, Center for American Art, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, who will select the artwork to be exhibited.

Apply Online:
Deadline for entries is May 11, 2022

Selected work will be on exhibition from July 16 until August 14 in our gallery, with a Reception and Awards on Friday, July 22, 2022.

“In addition to this timely exhibition, we are excited to host a lecture ‘About-face: Identity, Commemoration, and Memory in 20th Century Portraits,’” states Daniella Kerner, LBIF’s Executive Director. “Masks have become a critical icon, affecting our sensibilities, relationships, and experiences.”

Jessica Todd Smith will explore how 20th-century American artists responded to, and sometimes upended, long-held traditions in portraiture. Pushing at the boundaries of convention, they found new and exciting ways to explore identity and to commemorate individuals, keeping them live in memory. Her presentation will reference paintings from the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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